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i got 22 on my 88 caprice i put 4 inch lift springs front and rear. tires are 265/35r/22

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How do you change back shocks on a 1995 cheve caprice?

A person can change the back shocks on a 1995 Chevy Caprice by unmounting them from the upper lower mounts. The shocks can then be removed from the vehicle and new shocks put in their place.

How do you put 24 rims on a box caprice?

I used air shocks in the back and about 5 blocks n the front and no scrub

How do take off the chrome around back window of 1990 caprice?

remove front windshield from a 1983 Chevrolet caprice

1999 Mercury Mystique shocks or struts?

Struts on the front , but lists shocks and struts for the back ( I'm confused ! )

Does a 1988 Honda Accord have struts or shocks?

Both shocks on the front, struts on the back depending on the make it might have it both ways!

How will worn out shocks or bushings affect excessive yaw body roll or tilt in a vehicle?

Worn out shocks have a unmissable swishing noise, The front shocks will wear out before the back ones in most cases. If it is still stock then after 50,000 miles they (front shocks) will start to wear the back ones should be fine for another 10,000 miles. Shocks will significantly affect body roll. But

How do you lower a 4 wheel drive ford ranger?

Smaller and stiffer shocks/springs on the front, remove a leaf spring or 2 on the back and get stiffer shocks/leafs back there as well.

What is the difference between front struts and shock absorber in a vehicle?

front struts go behind the wheels and in the front and rear shocks go in the back

What is the bolt pattern for the front end of a 1991 Chevy Caprice Classic?

front and back both should be 5 X 5

What is the firing order for 1992 Chevy Caprice?

if it is a 305 5.0 litters driver side from front of car to back is 1,3,5,7 and passenger side is from front to back is 2,4,6,8

Does a 1982 Chevy S10 have shocks in the back and front 4 altogether or just ones in the front 2?

It has a shock on all 4 wheels.

Where are the shocks located from a Chevy truck S10?

Right behind the a arm in the front on the back on the rear end

Can a car have both shocks and struts?

a car can potentially have both shocks and struts. I don't know how common this is, but a car could have shocks in the front and struts in the back or vice versa. that is, depending on the combination, a car could have both, but I have never seen this.

Does 1997 dodge Dakota have struts or shocks?

Those have shocks on them. I replced the rear ones on my '97 a while back. Those were pretty easy. I haven't tried the front ones yet.

Why is it when a car comes to a stop you jerk backwards?

The car tilts forward on the shocks as you slow down. Then when you finally stop, the front shocks pop back up, and you are thrown slightly backwards. :)

On a block of a 1991 caprice 305 V8 where is the first spark plug the right or left side at the front or the back?

#1 plug is driver's side, front of engine.

How do you fix blinker on a 92 Chevy caprice already replaced flasher back blinkers wont come on front will but none flash and the hazards wont work either?

Assuming you checked all the bulbs and fuses, it sounds like the signal switch is shot.

How do you replace an Audi A4 rear shocks?

lubricate the back where the old shocks used to be and ask a Audi dealer for A4 shocks

How do you know when the shocks are going out in a 1994 Pontiac grand prix?

I use an old trick I learned that has served me well. Bounce up and down on the front bumper. The car should stop bouncing after 2-3 bounces. If it keeps going after that I'd consider the shocks worn. Front and rear shocks can wear at different rates, so repeat the test on both the front and back of the car. One set can be good while the others are not.

Is there a difference between rear and front struts on a 95 mercury sable?

my understanding was that struts typically are on the front of a vehicle while shocks are on the back. yes there should be a difference, far more weight in the front of a sable than the back, even with the trunk loaded. my guess is that they are very different parts.

Will 24 rims fit a 1985 buick regal ltd with or with out adapters?

Well if you really are putting 24's you are going to have good air shocks in the back, and put some good shocks or knuckles in the front for the car can be even, and in the back aswell your going to have to put adapters, or spacers to space the rims from the frame,

Would a 15x8.5 wheel with 4 inch bs fit a stock 66 dodge coronet?

yes they should fit on the front but not sure on the back, you might need air shocks on the back for them to fit.

What parts can be added to firm up the suspension on a 2001 grand marquis?

I had a 98 which is the first year of the new body style. Since it has coil springs front and back, the only thing is change the springs to "cargo coil" from Moog and/or put load leveler shocks on the front and/or back. Load leveler shocks are shocks that has a spring over top of the shock. I am not sure Monroe has load levelers any more. Gabriel does. Other than this, I do not know of anything else you can do to firm up the suspension.

Your 1991 Chevy Caprice classic needs new rotors is it the front ones or the back ones It shakes when I brake.?

the rotors are front mounted brake (pads) and the rear are usually the spring type ..also known as(shoes)

Does the Ford Escape have struts in back?

it has rear shocks