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you can visit the bank branch and use a cheque or withdrawal slip to withdraw cash.


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You can use a Cash Point (or ATM) to withdraw cash if you have a card.

One can withdraw cash using a Visa card from any ATM which carries the Visa logo. One could also withdraw cash using a Visa card by the process known as cash advance, which can include a hefty interest rate.

By using your Government travel charge card to withdraw cash from an ATM machine

If your ATM card is linked to a major network (ie. MasterCard, Visa) then you may use a machine that displays at least one of those symbols. Meanwhile, if your ATM card does not have those symbols and isn't linked to a major network then you can only withdraw money from the issuing bank...

No, an ATM machine allows you to withdraw money. You have to use a Cash Deposit machine.

You use an ATM to withdraw cash from your bank account - then use the cash to go shopping !

Actually No. You can only withdraw as much cash as the ATM holds. You cannot overdraw an ATM because it is a physical cash storage machine and it has its limits and it can hold only a certain quantity of cash. However, if you are asking if can you use the overdraft feature and withdraw cash from your account from an ATM - the answer is Yes.

The answer is no. ATM machines only dispense cash. if you have checking account, you can withdraw cash from ATM machines using debit cards.

Yes, you can. If you have a state bank of India ATM card and a PIN number then you can use that to withdraw cash from your state bank account. However if you don't have a state bank ATM card, you will be unable to take money from the ATM.

Yes. You can visit your bank branch, show your identity proof and then withdraw cash using the cash withdrawal slip. However for that you need to know your bank account number. If you don't know your account number, then you cannot withdraw cash.

With an ATM card you can get cash at many locations.

Paypal offer payment cards by invitation only. The card isn't a credit card but acts like a debit card attached to a Paypal balance. It can be used at an ATM in the same way as a debit card to withdraw cash.

A Credit Card is a plastic instrument that can be used for purchase of goods and services. You can buy the services and then re-pay the card issuing institution on a monthly basis An ATM card is another plastic instrument that you can use for withdrawing cash from an ATM machine. You can only withdraw as much as you have in your account.

ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine. One of those machines where you can withdraw money using a keypad, a card, and a PIN code. ATM transaction is Bank Speak for money withdrawn from an ATM/cash machine.

You get your own ID number, get cash at any time, and check your bank account at anytime. Drawbacks include only allowing you to withdraw cash at an ATM only, lets you become a target of thieves, and counterfeit ATM cards can be made. :)

A credit machine is a machine that uses a credit card for purchasing purposes while an ATM is an Automated Teller and is meant to deposit and withdraw cash from an account.

You can withdraw by either of the below ways 1. Walk into your nearest bank branch, fill out a withdrawal slip and hand it over in the cash counter and get the cash 2. Walk into your nearest bank branch, fill out a cheque and enter the payee as "Self" and sign it and submit it in the cash counter and get the cash 3. Walk into your nearest ATM machine, insert your ATM/Debit card, enter your PIN and withdraw the cash.

A flow chart on how to withdraw money from an ATM would start with putting your card in the system and end with you taking the cash out. You should also include information about putting in the PIN and entering the amount to be withdrawn.

It depends on the type of withdrawal you wish to perform. From the bank by visiting in person: There is no limit. You can withdraw as much cash as you have in your bank account. From an ATM: Most ATMs have a cash withdrawal limit. It depends on the bank, the type of account you hold and the type of ATM card you hold. for ex: In India gold card customers of most banks can withdraw upto Rs. 50,000 in a day whereas silver card customers can do so only till Rs. 25,000

I don't believe it is possible to do this it an ATM, however you can go inside the bank and ask a clerk for money from your account. Your probably out of luck if the bank is closed and you don't have your credit or debit card with you for the ATM.

It is used to withdraw money from an ATM

Yes. Your card would be affiliated to some brand like VISA or Master card. If the ATM accepts those cards, then yes you can withdraw cash. Provided: 1. You have the card PIN number and 2. You have sufficient cash limit on your card.

1. an ATM envelope provided by the bank 2. an ATM card and pin number for the card

An ATM or Automatic Teller Machine, card is a plastic card, issued be bank, that looks like a credit card. It allows you to do the same things as you would at a bank. You can withdraw cash, deposit money, check account balances, and receive a copy of your statement using your ATM card and the password to your account, which is called a Personal Identification Number, or PIN

The main advantage of using an ATM is the fact that you can have access to the cash in your bank account whenever you need it. If, for instance, you are at a store that does not take checks or credit cards but it has an ATM, you can withdraw the money for your purchase. This also means you can travel anywhere without cash. If the location has an ATM and you have your ATM card, you can access your money instantly.

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