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Make restitution to the party you wrote the check to ASAP.

2006-09-03 16:24:44
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What would you do if you accidentally stepped on your dad's face cause he was sleeping on floor and you did not notice?

Say, "GET UP."

Will you get arrested if pulled over and you have a notice to appear?

Insufficient information to answer from the information contained in the question.

What is lookout notice?

The term lookout notice is another word for a warrant. A warrant is a writ issued by the judge to have a person arrested for a crime or failure to appear in court.

How do you get a boy to notice you in the cinema?

"Accidentally" drop something, "accidentally" bang heads, and say that you're sorry, and just sorta look into his eyes for a moment. If he keeps looking at you too then just start stuttering.

Will you be arrested at airports with a warrant for arrest UK?

If there's an active warrant for your arrest, and the airport check-in staff notice it, you can almost certainly expect to be arrested. Especially true if you are flying internationally.

What will happen if you are arrested for retail theft while your child is present i got a notice to appear and my daughters grandmother picked her up they told me it was the same as being arrested?

that's your problem not mine.

I accidentally added someone in my circle in google plus so I unadded them right away Will they still see that I added them Any way to get then to not notice?

If you accidentally added someone in your circles in Google Plus, and removed him, he or she will not be able to tell that you removed them.

Can you change your webkinz name I accidentally spelled it wrong and didn't notice?

Sorry, but you can't. Next time double check you're spelling.

Is Lindsay Lohan a Christian?

No she isnt, if you notice, she even is a lesbian, which proves that she isnt, specially when she curses, and has even got arrested. But she should be.

Disadvantages of a touch screen?

The disadvantages to a touch screen include the fact that you may accidentally push a button. You may also notice that it won't lock properly.

What is a non-custodial arrest?

It means you were served a notice to appear in court. The person who recieves this notice could have been taken to jail at the time of the ciatation. The charges are viewed no different than if he would have been arrested.

Do you get fined for littering?

Yes. Usually you are issued a notice of violation (ticket) or occasionally you may be summarily arrested and made to post the fine immediately.

Is there a danger in taking 10 mg of lexapro one time accidentally when my regular dosage is 5mg and I have been on it for over 4 years?

You shouldn't notice any difference.

What is the right to know the charges against you when your arrested?

Miranda decision.Actually the 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution"Notice of accusation" protects and retains that right

What is wrong with car idling funny and rocking?

If you change your own oil it is easy to accidentally bump these off and not notice until your idling is affected. TEST IT: does your cruise control function properly?

How do I get a certain hot girl to notice me?

Be a more confident version of yourself. Bump in to her (accidentally on purpose) then start a conversation. Make her laugh but don't pull any stunts. Good Luck!

If a person who was arrested for drugs and let go for medical problems and no court date what can happen now?

Often it is dropped. Also, officials can mail you notice of warrant or citation.

What are the statute of limitations if you were not arrested on a DUI ticket?

Once a DUI ticket has been issued, you have been given proper notice of the violation. The statute of limitations no longer applies.

Can a 17 yr old be served a warrant and be arrested at school without notice from the district attorney?

Yes. Anyone can be arrested anywhere, at any time, for any legallly valid reason. Just because that individual is a juvenile does not afford them any special privileges to prior notification.

With an exclusion order issued by the police what action will be taken if you break it?

IF - it is any type of 'barring notice' meant to keep you out of, or away from, certain properties or businesses, it doeshave the force of law and for any future violation you can be arrested.IF - it is a 'restraining order' issued by the court - it DOES have the force of law and you can be arrested for violating it.

What happens if you put wrong type of gas in your car i accidentally put regular umleaded gas instead of premium gas?

you will be ok MIGHT notice a very s;ight decrease in performance

Do bases taste sweet or sour?

Typically, bases have more of a bitter taste to them. For instance, if you accidentally ever tasted soap, you would notice it's bitter flavor before spitting it out in disgust.

What are the procedures for automobile repossession on a personal loan?

You'll receive a notice if you fail to make payment, and they will come pick up your car. If what you owe is more than the car is worth, you will owe the difference.

What was Christopher Columbus trying to do when he accidentally discovered America?

I think he was trying to proove the world was flat or spherical, and if he would fall off the edge- This answer is not quite right = This answer is incorrect: At that time, people already knew that the world was round (Galileo Galilei proved that the earth is round.) He was trying to go to India but he accidentally found America and didnt notice that.

What are notice?

Notice Is A Notice