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There may be other reasons for the vehicle to be overheating but yes if you have let the reservoir run dry then it wont have suction to draw fluid back into the radiator so you will have to fill the radiator as well.

2007-01-16 15:33:27
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Q: You added the red Toyota coolant on the coolant reservoir on your 96 4cyl Camry Why is it still overheating two minutes after you turn on the air conditioning Should coolant be added on the radiator?
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What are symptoms of Faulty radiator cap?

Overheating due to coolant going to the reservoir and not coming back to the radiator because of the bad cap.

Coolant pushing out from radiator back into coolant reservoir?

it is normal, when the coolant is hot and pressure built, the pressure cap allows the coolant to drain to reservoir to reduce pressure in the cooling system But, if it continually does this whereby the reservoir overflows and the vehicle overheats due to a lack of coolant actually in the radiator when cool, there may be an overheating problem or blown head gasket on the engine.

Does radiator coolant have anything to do with the air conditioning?


What is reservoir?

The reservoir is usually considered to be the tank which holds coolant. It feeds the coolant into the radiator when needed, and receives coolant from the radiator as is necessary. This is where you check and maintain the coolant level. Make sure the cap is on quite tight.

Where is the coolant level sensor on a 2004 Saturn Vue. In the radiator or the reservoir?

at the bottom of the coolant reservoir tank.

In a 93 Toyota Camry do you put the the coolant in the radiator or the reservoir?

Both. The reservoir is the overflow. But in the event your radiator is low, your reservoir will back it up.

Do you add coolant to the reservoir or the radiator?

If there is a cap on the radiator you can check to see if the radiator is full , and if it isn't , " top up " the engine coolant . Otherwise , you check the engine coolant level at the engine coolant reservoir when the engine is cold and maintain the level at the cold mark

How do you put coolant back in the radiator in a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT since there is no cap on the radiator.?

Add the coolant into the coolant reservoir. Be sure the engine is cool when you remove the cap off the reservoir.

Do a 2000 Saturn SC2 have a radiator cap?

Yes; it's on the coolant reservoir. The entire coolant reservoir on the Saturns is pressurized.

Is it normal for coolant water to go into the reservoir?

Yes- coolant reservoir is designed to accept excess coolant - As coolant heats up it will expand and flow to the coolant recovery tank (reservoir) and as it cools (contracts) it will be sucked back into the radiator

What is the name on the car that holds the coolant?

There's the radiator, and there's also the coolant reservoir.

Where is the the radiator cap on a 2004 dodge stratus?

The "radiator" cap is located on the coolant reservoir.

Where is the radiator cap on a Saturn LS2?

It's only radiator cap is on the coolant reservoir.

Why need auto radiator reservoir?

Engine coolant expands when heated. Heated coolant needs a reservoir to come and go as needed.

Where is radiator cap 2001 saturn?

The radiator does not have a cap, instead, the coolant system reservoir is also pressurized and the pressure cap is on the reservoir.

Why is my 93 Ford Probe overheating?

Things to check: 1. Low Radiator Coolant 2. Bad Radiator Cap (not holding pressure) 3. Leaking Radiator 4. Leaking Coolant Reservoir 5. Loose Belts (for Water Pump) 6. Inoperative Cooling Fan 7. Clogged Radiator (internal) 8. Blocked Radiator (external)

Were is the radiator cap on 1999 deville?

It would be on the coolant reservoir.

What two places are coolant stored in a car?

Radiator and reservoir

Where is the radiator cap on a 95 Mercedes c280?

There is not a radiator cap, there is a coolant reservoir and it has a plastic cap that controls the pressure in the coolant circuit.

Why is the impala overheating?

well, check your oil, engine coolant, and your radiator.

What causes your temp gauge to go to max reading when sitting still 04 dodge durango?

Overheating due to low coolant, inoperative fan, restricted radiator, etc.Overheating due to low coolant, inoperative fan, restricted radiator, etc.

Why does the coolant fill up the reservoir and not return back to the radiator leaving the radiator bone dry on a 93 Honda Civic DX?

Why does the radiator fill up the reservoir

Where is the coolant reservoir?

for most latest car and SUV model it is located beside the radiator. You can find it easily by following the overflow hose attached in the neck of the radiator. the end of it is the location of the coolant reservoir

What is the main cause for dodge caravan overheating when driving slowly in traffic?

Low coolant or an inoperative radiator fan.Low coolant or an inoperative radiator fan.

Where is the radiator cap in a 2004 avalanche?

There is no radiator cap, you must fill through the coolant reservoir.