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An LH surge indicates that you have ovulated.

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2010-05-17 20:11:14
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Q: You am having a LH surge 2 days before your due period is this a pregnancy sign?
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Lh surge indicates pregnancy?

A Lh surge (known as the luteal surge) indicates ovulation, not pregnancy. The luteal surge causes the follicle to burst which releases the egg into the body cavity, it is then drawn into the fallopian tubule where fertilization occurs. An increase in HCG indicates pregnancy, HCG in blood and urine is the first outward sign of pregnancy.

Is All power strips have surge protection?

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Can a ovulation test predict pregnancy?

No. The ovulation test detects the surge of Lutenizing Hormone (LH) which is not present during pregnancy. LH stimulates the ovaries to release the egg before ovulation so this process is unnecessary during pregnancy.

What causes false positives on pregnancy test?

You can't get a false positive if you get your period day after a positive it's due to a chemical pregnancy which is when a embryo doesn't implant and will come out like a period. You can have false negatives as you may tested to early for the test to pick up on the hcg surge

Why you are bleeding or spotting 3 days before your regular monthly period?

There is a hormone surge just before your cycle begins, your may be strong and causing some bleeding.

I had a child and decided to go back on depo. I had my first period after the first shot. It lasted about one month long. Having some pregnancy symptoms. can I be pregnant?

probably not, just not used to the surge of hormones being on the shot again... when in doubt a urine test is ten dollars. joymaker rn

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Can you gets pregnant two days before you ovulate?

No. Pregnancy occurs during or immediately after ovulation, which usually happens within 24-36 hours after your LH surge. Ovulation test kits sense this LH surge, and peak fertility occurs a day or two after your first positive ovulation test.

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