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There is a slim possibility, but he isn't worth waiting for hon. I know it hurts to be rejected, but many of us have been rejected and simply move on and life just gets better. Don't let him control the issue and you get out with friends, start dating again, and if you give him the impression he can keep moving on, he may well realize he does miss you. However, my bet is, by the time he may get this message you will be well on your way into having fun, becoming more independent and having a new boyfriend and won't care one bit that he's back. Hold on to your dignity girl and don't let this guy ruin the rest of your life. He could have simply told you that he needed time to get to know what he wanted and therefore wanted to split-up. He didn't need to be so cruel and tell you that he hadn't loved you since Christmas. He's just a plain jerk! Good luck Marcy

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Q: You and your boyfriend of 4 yrs. broke up and he told you he hasn't loved you since Christmas and needs a change in his life. Is there any chance in time he'd realize he does need you after all?
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