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He is obviously not your perfect match. If you love him, I mean seriously, then stay with him. If you don't really feel anything around him, then it's not meant to be.Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

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Are Rachael Ray and her husband still together?

yes. she is married to her husband Jon

What is husband and wife living together?

Obviously, a married couple.

You cannot file income taxes together unless you are married?

I am not a lawyer but before we got married, my husband and I, filed taxes together as a living together couple.

When did Stephenie Meyers get married?

Stephenie married her husband Christian Meyer in 1994; they have three sons together Gabe, Seth, and Eli.

Is pink married?

Pink and her ex-husband Carey Hart were married two years before they got divorced, then I heard they where back together.

Does Bo Derek have children?

She is childless. Her husband was 30 years her senior when they married (she was 16). They had no children together.

Did Marie osmond and her second split and get back together?

No, Marie Osmond re-married her first husband.

What is the right of a wife over salary of the husband?

No right. He is not your parents. If you mean divorce, it depends on where you were married, where you live, how long you have been married, and if you have children together.

If your husband was married when you got married?

Then you are not legally married.

Was Vulcan the second or first husband of Venus?

Vulcan (Hephaestus) was the first husband of Venus (Aphrodite). Officially, Vulcan is still married to Venus, but Venus is together with Mars.

Who is Diane sawyer's husband?

Diane Sawyer married director Mike Nichols in 1988. They are still together today.

When were Jim rose and cheryl Burton married?

Cheryl Burton married to her lovely husband Sakhan Nuth. They two beautiful angels become one together!

Was J.K. Rowling married when she wrote Harry Potter?

She married and divorced her first husband, Jorge Arantes, during the writing of the first book. Between the fourth and fifth books, she married her second husband, Dr. Neil Murray, and they been together ever since.

How do you get out of a marriage to a woman who is stil married to their first husband?

If she is still married to her 1st husband then her second marriage to you is illegal and you are NOT married.

Did Cleopatra kiss her husband when she got married?

Yes Cleopatra kissed her husband when she got married.

If the ambassador is married is it ambassador and?

Their husband/wife. If an ambassador is married,his/her wife/husband will not become an ambassador.

When your cousin gets married what will her husband be to you?

When your cousin gets married her husband will only be a cousin by marriage.

Is Amy Matthews from bathroom renovations married?

Yes. She's married to Michael Matthews. Amy and her husband renovated their kitchen together on DIY's "Kitchen Renovations" in 2008.

Does Sarah McLachlan have a husband?

Sarah McLachlan is married to Ashwin Sood. He is the drummer in her band. They have been married since 1997. Sarah and Ashwin have 2 children together.

Who is sylvia Perez married to from 7 abc news?

There is no information regarding to whom Sylvia Perez, from ABC News 7, is married to. Her and her husband have two children together.

What does it mean when two people are dating?

it means that they are going out, they are a couple, they are currently together. like husband and wife but not engaged or married

Is seohyun from snsd married?

Seohyun is married in a reality show called 'We Got Married'. Her 'husband' is Jung Yonghwa, the leader of CN Blue. You can watch the episodes of them together in the Soshified website or WG(wonderfulgeneration)

Why a husband is called husband?

Once women get married with a men called Husband.

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