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The risk is present only if she is rhesus negative and you are positive. It could lead to miscarriage of the second and consequent children if she is not given proper medication before the first delivery. Note that this applies for all blood groups, not only blood group B.

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Q: You and your wife have same blood group of b will it be a risk in pregnancy?
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You and your husband have same blood group o positive will this effect pregnancy?

No. Everything blood-wise should be fine.

Do the same blood types prone to the same diseases?

In the Fifties, research at four London hospitals found the risk of developing gastric cancer was much higher for people with blood group A than for those with blood group O. But people with group O had a greater risk of peptic ulcers.

Is A positive and AA the same group?

is A positive blood group and AA blood group the same

Does same blood group of husband and wife affects in future?

It is actually better if you have the same blood group.

Can two people with same blood group marry?

Yes you can get married with a person that has the same blood group as you but there is a chance of your babies to get blood poison.

Are A positive blood group a A1 positive blood group same?

no. it is entirely different

Do all children of the same parent have the same blood group?

do all children of the same mum dad have same blood group

Can you marry the same blood group woman?

Your blood group has no bearing on who you can marry. It is only relevant to blood transfusions.

Name of disease if father mother has same blood group?

There is no disease caused by parents having the same ABO blood group.

What are the reason for the matenal blood group and fetus blood group are not same?

The baby gets part of its blood group from the father, and part from the mother, so its blood group is not going to be identical to the mother's.

How do you find out your children's blood group?

A blood test will reveal your child's blood group -- siblings do not necessarily all have the same blood type.

What does blood type O positive mean?

The blood group O positive(O+) specifies that the person can donate his/her blood to any other person of same or different blood group. But, O+ can accept blood only from a person having same blood group (i.e O+) and not from any other group.

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