You are 10 days late and you have taken several hpt's and one blood test and they have both been neg but you are having symptoms of be pregnant please explain?

If you have had a blood test and it is negative I would suggest you are not pregnant. Blood tests are very accurate in picking up HCG levels only 7 days after conception (ie 7 days before your period is even due). I would suggest you are mistaken about symptoms. I am not sure what symptoms you have, but many women who want to be pregnant mistake signs. For example if you wake up with a headache, it could just be a headache - not necessarily morning sickness. Also, many signs of pregnancy are experienced by women just before they get their period. Yours could just be delayed. Personally the only symptoms I had in the very early days was sore breasts and bloating. I thought that I needed to get a new bra and needed to keep off the onions! I didn't get sickness until 6 weeks.