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Well what did the pregnancy test say?

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When you miss a period , you should take a pregnancy test at once, because you could very well be pregnant.

Pregnancy with the IUD is unlikely, as is a period when pregnant. Taken together, it is very unusual to be pregnant with an IUD and still have your period.

If you are on your period there is generally no reason for a pregnancy test as this indicates that you are NOT pregnant. You should take a pregnancy test if you MISS a period.

It could be stress or you could really be pregnant but you should really think about taking the test.

Yes you could still be pregnant. You can even still have your period when you are pregnant. If you haven't already taken a pregnancy test you might want to. I had a friend who had her period 7 of the nine months

yes you could be...if you are three days late an early pregnancy test could be taken right now..try the First Response Pregnancy Test!

Yes. Have you taken a pregnancy test? You also could be miscarrying.

You would know if you're pregnant by taking a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test can be taken from two weeks after intercourse and doesn't require you to know when your period should have started.

Pregnancy on the IUD is unlikely. Getting pregnant during your period is also unlikely. Taken together -- it's possible to get pregnant during your period on the IUD, but it would be a huge shock.

Of course there is a chance, but I have honestly been late on almost every period and dont take a test then I end up getting my period.

It's very unlikely that you are pregnant as you would be excreting HcG, the pregnancy hormone even if the pregnancy was tubal. There could be some other reason why your period is late, you need to see your Dr.

No, you don't have to miss your period in order to find out that you're pregnant. A pregnancy test can be taken from two weeks after you've had sex, you don't have to wait for a missed period.

Are you seriously asking this question?? There has been cases where women have had "period like" spotting/bleeding during pregnancy. If you have taken an hpt and it's been negative then the answer is NO!

Yes you still could be pregnant as pregnancy tests sometimes come out wrong, although if you have taken several tests it is unlikely that if you were pregnant they would all come out wrong. I would see a doctor and they will be able to give you the right information.

This question makes no sense, you either miss your period or you don't - you can't miss your period early. If you're worried about pregnancy then a pregnancy test can be taken from two weeks after you last had sex.

It's unlikely. The pregnancy hormone, hcg, doubles every 24-48 hours in pregnancy, and by the time of your expected period there is enough hormone to register even on an unsensitive home pregnancy test. If you ovulated late, however, it could be too early to test and you could be pregnant. If you are concerned, try a First Response HPT, it detects 6.5 miu of hcg, which is the lowest on the market (a woman is considered pregnant at 5 miu of hcg).

Yes you can still get pregnant if you are on birth control but if you have taken two tests and they both say no... one of two things could be true. First you could be but it hasn't been long enough since conception for the tes to detect. Second, your not pregnant, you can show pregnancy symptoms right before your period.

I am nascious my boobs hurt cramping in the belly backaches and headaches right now is that a true sign that i am pregnant. I just need to know does that mean I am pregnant.Answeryes if your period is late.