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i think you can call him...if he likes you, he won't mind


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I don't know what you mean by right but it is ok if you ask you parents and they say yes. It is not subnormal, I had a boyfriend in 6th grade

Why would you get a boyfriend so soon! You still have lots of time! And try to find the right person for you.

say not right now and wait to u 2 get older

yes she has a couple boy freinds in fact you asked the right person!

ok well what turned me on was when she was always right next to me and always touching me and joking with me.

no it is not bad. You are just not ready to have a boyfriend right now anyways,just focus on your studies and one day you will meet your perfect match

Nope, Cirque Du Freak came right out of the mind of Darren Shan :)

Ok, listen. You're in 5th grade. You're only 10 or 11. Your too young to date people. Trust me, I know how it feels to not have a boyfriend in 5th grade. But think about, what's the point? Your NOT going to get anything out of it. I wanted a boyfriend when I was in 5th grade, but now that I'm older I realized I was way to young. All u gotta do is start out with being friends because if a girl comes out of no where and asked him out he would say no cuz he doesn't know u so just start out being friends and this will work out from there. Well you could try I mean it's not like your in second or something. Besides you probably say that because you don't have a boyfriend. I'm in sixth grade and I have a boyfriend.(for the first person and third). Seriously, fifth graders are still in elementary school. And for the rude person above me I was the person who posted the third paragraph. So I don't care if you have a boyfriend and neither does anyone else on the Internet. Also, I am way past fifth and sixth grade so I think I know if your old enough or not. AND what if I have a boyfriend? Then your wrong and I'm not saying that because I don't have a boyfriend. I'm saying it because it's right and when you mature you will realize that too.

Yes but she is thinking about dumping him because he don't treat her right. If you were there through there relationship since she was in 5th grade and all the way to 7th grade, you'll understand why

well my best friends boyfriend wanted me. i didn't know why but he did and then when he asked me out i said no because he was my best friend's ex and he asked why and i said "because your my best friend's ex and its not right"

NO! 8th grade, dont do it, if you do, it makes you look like a puerverted freak and she will tell everyone and you will be embarrased.

ask her about it! it's not right and she obviously fancies him. tell her to stop getting so friendly with him. or ask your boyfriend.

Don't worry about it, you just haven't met the right one yet, but it will happen when it's the right time. Just live your life, you are only in 8th grade, you have nothing to worry about. God will send you the right person when the time is right.

The way to get a girlfriend if she already has a boyfriend is to wait it out. Because if a person tries to get the girl she will just end up not liking u. If it is fate it will all work out.

Make sure he is calm at the time and tell him you need to talk. Tell him in a private place, and let him freak out for a minute if needed. If he really loves you, he will stick with you. If not, he's not the right guy for you anyway.

Don't say anything fancy, just tell him right out. He may get confused if the word choice is really complicated.

Ok all you need to do is wat its the best i know your not going to get bf in a week im the wating game right know

5-10 days later shell feel like shes alone but not right away shell want to be left alone

Eugene does not have a boyfriend right this moment.

she doesn't have a boyfriend right now

i need an answer Lol, if you made it to 2nd grade you should be able to think of one. I have 10 right here with me right now and I thought of all of it. No help. OK, this person asked for help! Not for you to be mean to them!

Nat is in 7th grade,and alex is in 4th grade.

right now jaden is in 5th grade and moving on to the sixth grade

MattyB is 11 in 6th grade

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