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Sit ups won't burn that many calories. Go running and drink a half a gallon of water a day. That means no more soda or Kool-Aid either.

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How many sit ups should a boy do each day to loose belly fat?

about 45-50

What sports make you lose your belly?

trees no not trees ! its riding a bike sit ups about 50 a day

How many sit ups a day?

20-40 is good and some will do more than that. But it depends how many sit ups your body can do.

How many sit ups should you do a day to lose weight?

You should do 16 or 36 sit ups a day for a full week 16 or 36 press ups for a week dont miss a day

How do you lose one pound a week?

by excersing like sit ups push ups 25% or belly ups

Can sit ups make you lose fat?

They (sit ups) work your abdomen and help you lose the belly fat and help you get abs.

How many sit ups to get a six pack?

do 20 push ups every day

What happens if you do as many situps as you can for a minute?

i think that if you do as many sit-ups as you can in one minute that you will just be really sore the next day. And you might harden your belly a little bit.

How many sit ups should you do a day?

3 minutes a day is enough.

How do you lose belly fat when you are 12?

eat healthy and do sit ups

How many sit ups should you do a day to get a six pack?


Can situps get rid of belly fat?

No, Sit-ups won't get rid of belly fat but they will help tone your abs.

How do you do harder sit ups?

Twice a day, do sit-ups for three minutes. Overtime, you'll get better. I can do about 65 sit-ups per minute.

How Many Sit ups can the average teen do?

an average teen should be able to do 20 sit ups without stopping and around 200 a day.

Should you do sit ups every day?

Sit ups can be done every day if the individual chooses. Sit ups, along with other exercises and proper diet, will keep the body healthy.

How many sit ups should I do a day to get skinny?

Sit ups alone will not help you get skinny. Doing about 50 a day will tone your muscles, but cardio is needed to help burn fat.

How many sit ups should a 13 year old boy do a day?

50 sit ups in mine seems pretty goxh darn good

How many sit ups does Cristiano ronaldo claim to do per day?


How many sit ups to lose an inch off your belly?

It depends on diet. Just doing sit ups may not reduce your stomach at all. The muscle under the fat may just make your waist bigger. You have to have a sensible diet and aerobic exercise to lose inches off your belly.

What are the best ways to get a taut belly for men?

Regular exercise using sit ups.

Is it possible to get a six pack doing 20 sit ups a day?

no but doing 20 sit ups a day will give you a flat tummy

How many sit ups does a 12 year old boy have to do to get presidential?

Well I just started doing 30 or so sit ups a day so yeah.

How do you lose belly fat workouts?

dude just do sit ups and curl ups everyday for like 6 months and you will be great

How many sit ups does terrell Owens do a day?

No one really knows how many sit-ups Terrell Owens does in a day. It is, however, known that he will probably not make another NFL team. His abs are strong, but his legs are old.

How any sit ups a day to get six packs?

55-98 sit-ups.for a bit elderly 25-30 sit-ups.