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No this is not small. The average size of a adult males penis while erect is 6.5 inches. At your age you should be about 5 inches erect. You're bigger then most adult men and should be happy because there's still time for it to grow. Growth will normally stop at about 16-18.

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Q: You are 14 and your penis is 5 inches when soft and 7 inches while erect Is this small?
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If your penis is 3 inches is that big or small?

That depends on whether you are measuring your penis while it is flaccid or erect. A flaccid penis would be about 3 inches normally. An erect penis is usually 4-6 inches.

Is 3 inches a good size penis for a sixteen year old?

No at 16 the average penis length while erect is about 5 1/2 inches

How long are 13 year old boys penis?

It should be about 4-5 inches while fully erect.

How do you know if you have an average sized penis?

Measure it while it is erect. 5 1/2 inches in length is the statistical average size.

My penis size is 4 inches is there any problem while sex?

Although 4 inches (erect) is shorter than average, it is still perfectly functional and there shouldn't be any problem having sex.

Your penis is 7 inches while erected and im 14 is that small?

No that is perfectly normal No that is perfectly normal

Is it normal for a 14-year-old to have a two-inch penis?

Hello. Yes this is normal. The penis only becomes larger when it is erect. If erect no, if it is 2 inches when erect you should consult a doctor(im being serious) My answer: If you are talking limp, or unerect, i believe that's ok. that part shouldn't matter because you only really use it when youre erect. but if you mean while erect, that isn't exactly normal. i hope this helped yes

How can you tell if your penis is big?

Measure it while it's erect, from the bone above your penis all the way to the very tip.

Can circumcision change your size?

Oh, maybe a little while your penis is limp, but not when erect.

My penis is 3.2 inches and im 13 and 9 months is this normal?

Penis size does not matter in sex - as long as it is more than 2.5 inches while erect. Your penis size is normal for your age. During puberty it starts growing longer and thicker so by the time you are twenty you will have the adult size you are going to be.

Why does the penis sometimes remain erect for a while even after ejaculation?

because the blood doesn't immediately flow out of it

Is it possible to have erections while peeing?

You can only urinate through a less-than-fully-erect penis.

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