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No. A birth certificate is not valid for international travel. A US citizen can enter Canada by air only with a passport. By land or sea, you can enter with a US passport card, "enhanced" drivers license, or "enhanced" non-driver ID.

2014-06-14 03:37:53
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Add fathers name to birth certificate in new york?

how do I add my daughter's father name to the birth certificate? I live in New York.

Do you need your birth certificate to travel from puerto rico to new york?

No. However you do need a valid state-issued picture ID (any state).

How can you find a lost birth certificate in New York City?

If you have misplaced your New York City birth certificate, then you can order a new certified copy from the New York City Department of Health. You can order online, by mail or in person.

What vital records office do you need to contact to get a birth certificate from Brooklyn New York?

To get a birth certificate from Brooklyn, New York, you should contact the New York City Health Department, or, for births before 1949, contact the New York Municipal Archives.

Can a new york state notary notarize a copy of birth certificate?

A Notary in New York should not notarize the Birth Certificate. If a person needs a copy, they should go to the Dept. of Vital Statistics for a copy.

How do you get a copy of a birth certificate from New York?

New York is perhaps one of the easiest states for a person who was born in New York to obtain a replacement birth certificate if the need arises. The department Vital Records in New York encourages people to go online to obtain a replacement birth certificate. You can even use your smart phone to summit the request. You can also opt to get your replacement in If you need it immediately, order it online.

What can you use for proof of age to get married in New York?

Birth Certificate is your best bet.

Do you need a passport traveling from New York to Mexico?

No, an original birth certificate with raised stamp will do. But, you will need one to get back! Please also see "Do you need a passport to travel from the US to Mexico?".

Does a us citizen need a birth certificate to travel back from Hawaii?

NO--Hawaii is part of the US, so you aren't even traveling out of the country. It's like flying from California to New York.

What documents do you need to travel to New York From England?

A Passport. Another form of ID like a license, social security card, or birth certificate aren't necessary, but don't hurt to have with you just in case.

Can a lesbian couple have both mothers name placed on the birth certificate?

It depends on the state. Some states, such as New York, allow for a gay or lesbian couple to have both names on the birth certificate. Others do not.

What is the driving Travel time from New York city to Canada?

6 hours from Montreal to New York City.

Do the passenger under 17who travel from US need permission from their parents for travel to Canada?

No, they do not. I am currently under the age of 17 and I have travled from New York to Canada, with out permission from my parents.

How many hours does it take to travel by car from new york to Canada?


Can a wife request the birth certificate of her husband in NYC?

Yes, If you are the representative of a person requesting a replacement birth certificate, you will also need a notarized letter with that person's signature included authorizing you to get a copy of their birth certificate. While getting a replacement birth certificate in the state of New York is fairly easy and safe, turn around time is completely dependent on you and how soon you need a copy of your birth certificate.If you need it immediately, order it online.Any way that you choose to obtain a copy of a replacement birth certificate make sure you have everything that you need when you begin. Good luck!

What is the least expensive alternative method of travel to Buffalo New York from Toronto Canada?


Where would you be going If you were to travel north from the capital of new york to the international border?

Ontario, Canada

How do I add my daughter's father name to her birth certificate I live in New York?

have HIM go down to domestic relations in your area and ask for him to be put on the birth certificate...he might have to sign a praternity paper stating that he is the father..but he doesnt have to do any DNA tests..

You are a Guyanese where can you optain my birth certificate in New York?

I think you haved to contact the Guyanese counsulate. It cost $30 Guyana dollars.

What are four things you need to take to DMV to get your driving permit?

you need a birth certificate, you parent, and money. (in new york state)

How long does it take to travel from Canada to New York by plane?

It will not take that long. Maybe a few hours.

i want to put my husbands name on my 5yr old sons birth certificate...there is no father on the b-certificate...howdo i go about york city?

For information on how to add, correct or change a name on a birth or death certificate call, write to the New York City Department of Health, Corrections Unit/Bureau of Vital Records, 125 Worth Street, New York, NY 10013, (212) 788-4540, 4541, or 4542. or visit their website at:

Where can one find travel directions from New York New York to Ontario Canada?

One can find directions for travel from New York City to Ontario readily by contacting the nearest AAA office and purchasing a TripTik. Also, websites such as MapQuest will perform this service at no charge.

What train to take from NY to Canada?

Amtrack offers services that travel from New York to Canada. For more information on what they refer to as the Maple Leaf line, contact an Amtrak representative.

How do you insure that you are listed as the father on your child's New York state issued birth certificate?

If the mother refuses, you'll need a court motion. see link