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Go for it:) Good luck becoming a soccer professor:)

or you become a footbag professional ;)

see and for more details

You should never give up. However in order to play professionally as a soccer player who has the role of controlling the ball and the play you need to be elite. You also need to be able to pass and shoot well. and the most important thing you need to be fast and fit. Black10 says: You may achieve whatever your heart desires.

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You won't ever become pro. Want to know why? It's because you asked this stupid question. You probably suck at playing rugby.

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If you started playing soccer at twelve years old can you become a professional is you work very hard?

Depends how good you are and how hard you work, you should try and get noticed and perhaps get into an academy.

What evidence supports the fact that temperature of seawater is more a controlling factor of density than salinity?

The question is ambiguous, controlling factor of what? Specific gravity will change according to temperature (all other things being equal) Salinity will not change with temperature. Water will is most dense at about 4 degrees Celsius, and will become less dense at higher and lower temperatures (to a point)

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