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You are 25 and you are so depressed You have not been able to eat anything at all for a week If you do try you get sick immediately after What can you do?



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I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. Depression certainly can cause a person to not want to eat properly or not want to eat at all. Hon, you need to see a doctor and get on some proper medications for your depression. These medications should be used for short-term (perhaps off and on for awhile according to your doctors instructions) so you can get your feet under you and get some counseling. Depressed people can't concentrate well and that's why it's important to discuss medications with your doctor. Don't be embarrassed to go to a psychologist to try to get to the root of your problems. We all have garbage tied to our butts. I've been to a psychologist to help me deal with a mother who had Dementia and was stressing me out. I had to make many heavy decisions regarding my mother and I wanted an opinion from a qualified professional. I got it, it helped and I was able to deal with it all. So, please see your doctor right away. Get a good physical to start off with and then discuss your options with your doctor. There is nothing to be afraid of and you will get better. Depression is extremely high in the U.S. and Canada because of stress, and sometimes it can come in the form of genetics (family genes.) If you would like to talk more please go onto my private message board.