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yes i lost over 2st when i was pregnant, it could be caused by many things such as morning sickness, a hormonal imbalance, or an over active thyroid as long as you and the baby are well and it is developing correctly there should be no problems and should corect themselves after the birth. When I was pregnant I had a bad tooth ache and cut out the sugar and lost weight. My doctor had broght it to my attention because I didn't realize I was losing weight. Everything was fine and my baby was born healthy.


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Approximately 112.5kg to 17st 10lbs

8 stone 10lbs = 122lbs

11 stone 10lbs = 74.39kg

8 stone 10lbs = 122 pounds

10 pounds = 4.53 kilograms.

10lbs = 4.5 (4.53592) kg

10st 10lbs is 68 kilos.

125.2kgs for 19stone 10lbs

It depends on how much butter you typically like on your Yukon golds. For me, I use 1 tbsp per potato when eating them as baked potatoes. Using that as a guide, I would put in the same amount per potato if making mashed potatoes. So 8-10 tbsp for mashed 10lbs of Yukon golds.

28349.52 milligrams are in an ounce. It does not matter whether its gold you are weighing or if it is leaves. There will be the same number of milligrams in an ounce no matter what you weigh. The amount of what you are weighing is the only thing that will change. For example, if 1 cat weighed 10lbs. it would still be equal to 1,000,000 snowflakes equalling 10lbs. -note- Im not saying a cat weighs 10lbs. nor does 1,000,000 snowflakes equal 10lbs.

a coral snake weighs 10lbs

10 pounds = 4.536 kilograms.

It adds 10lbs to my face.

10 pounds is 4.54 kilograms.

10 pounds = 4.54 kilograms.

10 pounds = 4.536 kilograms.

That is approximately 18.5 cups

It is 0.3 pounds.

12stone 10lbs is 80.74kg

80.7kg equates to 12st 10lbs

the weight of a UK gallon is 10lbs and 1kg is equal to 2.2lbs. your equation therefore would be 5 gallons x 10lbs = 50lbs divided by 2.2lbs = 22.72Kgs

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