You are 38 weeks pregnant and your doctor wants to induce labor should you?

At 38 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is fully-grown and should have no difficulty surviving outside the uterus. There are good reasons for inducing labor. One of the most common is to avoid difficulty during the newborn's passage through the mother's pelvis. A large baby attempting to exit a relatively small pelvis may get stuck (a condition known as CPD - cephalopelvic disproportion), causing complications that may result in an emergency cesarean section ("C-section") or worse, in extreme cases.

Your doctor probably has very good reasons for recommending induction of labor. This is one of those times when you should have a good, open conversation with your doctor and explain your concerns about being induced. If you are respectful and not accusatory, your doctor should be happy to address these concerns with you, as well as his/her reasons for recommending this procedure.