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Hi, Yes you could be pregnant but it is also possible that your tummy upset has caused your period to be late.


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Yes, pumpkin seeds will upset your tummy

Because your tummy is upset from the pressure and hormone changes in your body. Good luck!!

well it might be the food you ate before it might have upset your tummy.

Because you dont want to get an upset tummy do you? So they bake bread so it will taste nice not vile and make your tummy upset! Written By- Ellie Wilson

Upset Stomach is my favorite, already eaten, had a big meal and still feeling car sick.

it wont harm you but it will cause upset tummy

Dogs eat grass usually when they have an upset tummy.

yes but it can give them a upset tummy and there mouth will be slimy

If they are feeling sick, or have an upset tummy, they will eat grass or other greens to throw up. This is a good defense mechanism in case they had eaten something that could be very harmful for them.

Nauseous, heartburn, queasy, seasick, tummy ache...

coca cola or fizzy drinks are good for upset tummy x

No its very poisenes, and it will upset your dogs tummy.

When cats or dogs have upset stomachs, they instinctively eat grass which helps them to vomit and (hopefully) reduce the upset tummy.

try to burp, if you cant drink something carbondated to make you burp.

no it will make your tummy feel better!!!!! Oh yes it will! I was on it for a week and had gas, the runs, bloating, generally feeling blah and gross. It was only after I stopped it that I felt better and it took a few days for that to happen!

When you don't get your way or when you are not feeling good about something.

Heartburn is an acidic feeling in your chest, throat, maybe stomach area, while an upset stomach is only a pain or uncomfortable feeling in your stomach.

It might of been because of something you have eaten or maybe just a tummy bug.

yes, it can if you do not eat anything prior to drinking the cold water.

It means that he was worrying over the defeat

Milk is not good for hedgehogs as they are lactose intolerant and this could make the little hedgie get an upset tummy:(

· uncertainty · uneasiness · unhappy · upset

when you have an upset tummy actually the precipitation turns to hail. the calculus binary proves that when you are quizzically looking at your blood you will puke.

you could eat it but i would say that its better to wait until its ripe or it would upset your tummy

Yes, you SHOULD. That way, your puppy would probably feel A LOT better.

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