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I've miscarried before and now I would take no chances. Any Dr. will understand that you are concerned. Just get checked out. It won't hurt anybody and you can rest easy knowing everything is okay.

2006-09-05 21:35:16
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Q: You are 5 weeks pregnant and had slight bit of red blood when you went to the toilet is this normal had no more bleeding since?
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When you went to the toilet this morning you had found abit of blood on the toilet roll you are 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant so is it normal to see bleeding?

is it normal to see bleeding in 6 weeks and 5 days of your pregnancy?

Your urine is normal but when you wipe the toilet paper has a slight red colour to it is this normal you still have morning sickness?

No!! Fool! You have internal bleeding and should get that checked out! Glad we could help! justin&caitlin No!! Fool! You have internal bleeding and should get that checked out! Glad we could help! justin&caitlin

Is spotting after straining on the toilet normal in the first trimester?

No, spotting after straining on the toilet is not normal in the first trimester. Any spotting or bleeding during pregnancy is not considered to be normal. While it could be implantation bleeding, it would be wise to get examined by your doctor or obstetrician.

Is it normal for pregnant women to eat toilet tissue?

No, not at all!

Am 7weeks pregnant and there are times you dont feel pregnant and this morning there was some brown discharge on the toilet paper you been having craps Are you going to have a misscariages?

No. Only When You Start Bleeding Real Bad In The Toilet nd Lumps Of Blood Cumin Out

Blood in toilet?

Blood in the toilet may come from a bleeding ulcer or even from hemorrhoids that are bleeding. You might also find blood in the toilet if you are menstruating.

When i went to the toilet this morning i noticed a small amount of red blood on the toilet roll. I am 19 weeks pregnant is this normal What should i do?

You should go to your doctor

17 weeks pregnant and slight spot bleeding after being at the toilet is it normal?

I am also spotting at 17 weeks pregnant. I started spotting off an on with brownish discharge at 10 weeks, alhtough it is now a pinkish color. You should contact your Dr. My Dr. told me that 30% of women spot during pregnancy. She was not concerned b/c she heard the heart beat. She said that spotting can happen after heavy lifting, exercise, intercourse or constipation. I too and trying not to freak out. Good Luck!

Is their sperm in urine naturally as in if a male urinates in the toilet and doesn't flush and a female uses it and the urine splases up can she get pregnant?

No, normal urine does not contain sperm. If there was sperm in the toilet then it would still be impossible for the woman to get pregnant in this way as humans require internal fertilisation

Can a women get pregnant from toilet brush?

No, a woman cannot get pregnant from a toilet brush. Pregnancy can only occur when an egg joins with sperm.

What causes rectal bleeding upon elimination and is something wrong if the blood is bright red and the toilet is full of this blood and I am not pregnant?

i had same problem and my doctor said it ws just hemrhoids.

Is it normal to eat toilet paper?

No, it is not.

Is it possible to pass a fetus when you sit on the toilet to urinate when you didn't know you were pregnant and not start bleeding until the next day?

Yes, it is possible to be pregnant and have a miscarriage before learning you were pregnant. When you sat on the toilet to urinate, your body was in a position to easily pass the fetus, which may be why you passed it when you did. But if that is what happened to you, you need to see your doctor to find out why you didn't start your period until the next day, and to make sure the uterus shed the lining (afterbirth) as it should. When a miscarriage occurs, bleeding begins either just before passing the fetus, or immediately after.

I have the flu and I am due to start my period. I went to the toilet and noticed very light pink spotting but no period is this normal?

It is normal. Flu can make you skip a period or make it late. There might be a possibility that you are pregnant as well?

Can a female get pregnant from semen left on a toilet seat?


Can you get pregnant from sitting on a public toilet?

Not if you're alone.

Can a virgin get pregnant from semen left on a toilet seat?


5wks pregnant but no other symptoms is this normal?

This is very normal, all women go through diffrent things when pregnant. Some have many ovbious symptoms such as throwing up, food cravings, going toilet all the time and the lucky ones don't! You should be glad. Good Luck!

How do you stop blood in toilet?

If a person is experiencing bleeding while using the toilet, it is an emergency. A trip to the emergency room should begin immediately.

Is it normal for your poop to smoke or steam in the toilet?

If you've had too many habanero peppers, it is normal for smoke to come out of the toilet as well as the sides of the ears.

How do you fix a toilet that makes gurgling noises and has a slight odor between uses?

Check the venting

Can you get pregnant by using the toilet?

No. Sperm die when exposed to air, but you can get yeast infections and other things in a public toilet.

How much water does a normal toilet waste?


Is it normal for a toilet to leak when you lean back against it?


Could a girl get pregnant if a guy ejaculated in a toilet and some of the toilet water splashed inside her?

No, it would be impossible for this to occur.