You are 60 years old and have no life insurance Should your husband cash in a 10000 policy he has or should you take out life insurance or should you save money for your burial?


Whilst age is certainly a factor when you are considering getting some life insurance, it shouldn't be something that puts you off it.

If you are looking for the cover to ensure that your family can pay for your burial, then life insurance is a good choice and I certainly would not recommend that your husband cashes in his policy. That would simply leave both of you uncovered!

You are better off looking for life insurance for yourself for a small sum assured (enough to cover your funeral) so that when the sad time comes, your family can cover both your husbands and your own funerals.

You can find some more helpful information about over 50 life insurance on the website I've added to the related links.

It should provide a bit more detail about how your age effects the cover and what you should be looking for.

I hope that helps!