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No you shouldn't be having severe or uncomfortable pain. Abdominal cramping is normal during pregnancy providing it isn't severe or very uncomfortable. See your Doctor for a check up.

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What is it called when muscles are pulled?

Hyper extend

What happened when you pulled on one of the arm muscles of the chicken wing?

the muscle gets pulled

Can you drink milk after having a tooth pulled?

yes you can drink milk after having a tooth pulled

What refers to a partial tearing of the muscles?

pulled muscle

What are the symptoms of a pulled groin?

A pulled groin is caused by putting too much stress on muscles in your groin and thigh. If these muscles are tensed too forcefully it will become a pulled groin. Some symptoms are feelings of pain and tenderness.

What are your hamstring muscles?

your hamstrings are muscles in your leg, that connect to your but. when those get pulled, you have a hard time sitting down.

Can a pulled muscle cause fever?

No. There is no correlation between pulled muscles and fever. If they occur together, look for coincidences.

Why should you not overtire your muscles?

Muscles should not be overworked because that can result in tearing of the muscles and muscle strain. It can also lead to other injuries like pulled muscles and sprains.

What happens to a chicken wing as the muscles are pulled?

It becomes big boned

How long does it take for pulled abdominal muscles to heal?

30 minutes

Can you fly after having your wisdom teeth pulled?


How does the skeleton allow us to move?

your skeleton is pulled by muscles which allows you move.

What happened to the muscles when you bend your elbow and pulled your arm up?

You pull a muscle

Does monkey bars make you get taller?

Yes it does because your muscles are pulled and therefore stretched :)

What are three common injuries associated with sport or exercise?

Pulled Muscles Sprains Contusions

Can you mix methocarbamol with toradol?

Yes you can they were both given to me in the hospital together for pulled muscles

What causes a pulled muscles?

If you move in a certain way, or if you lift something that is too heavy for you.

Is it normal to have constant migraines 5 days after having wisdom teeth pulled?

No, having migraines for 5 days in a row is not normal at all after having your wisdom teeth pulled. You should contact the dentist right away.

Are some people wake having wisdom teeth pulled?

I was.

When can you drink after having a tooth pulled?

usually after 30 minutes

Can you get pulled over for not having a rear view mirror?

yes you can

Can you have a gravy Bisquick after having teeth pulled the next AM?


What is the cost of having 9 teeth pulled and upper dentures?

neeed teeth pulled and dentures put in the same day

Can you play basketball after getting teeth pulled?

yes but it is very hard to shoot a jump shot after having your teeth pulled......

What if a bone had only one muscle attached to it?

muscles can only pull so a bone with only one muscle on it would be pulled to the extreme of the muscles contraction and stay there.

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