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A systolic pressure of 98 would be considered low. The diastolic pressure of 78 is in normal limits.

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What is the definition of Physical Active Lifestyle?

A physically active lifestyle is a lifestyle that contributes positively to physical, mental and social wellbeing, and includes regular exercise and physical activity.

What are the 4 domains of physical activity?

Exercise/leisure time, Household, Occupational, Active transport

How does sport improve your physical health?

it helps your body move,get out and active,exercise and get some air

Are Ibizan Hounds active?

Yes, the Ibizan Hound is a very active dog that requires regular physical stimulation and exercise. It is a natural athlete that is good at both running and jumping.

What is active exercise and its type?

active exercise is an exercise where the patient is allowed to move volutarily with some assistance by therapist or resistance by the therapist on progression in order to increase strength.TYPES:free activeactive assistedactive resistedresisted exercises

What is anaerobic exercise-?

anaerobic exercise is an exercise whereby an an individual is active in the absence of oxygen.

What are the aspect of P.E?

When referred to diets and exercise, P.E. stands for physical education. It is the subject in school that is used to keep children active and in shape.

What are examples of exercises?

Active exercise, Aerobic exercise,endurance exercise, isokinetic exercise, isometric exercise, kegal exercise, passive exercise, resistance exercise..

How do you spell active?

That is the correct spelling of "active" (engaging in action, or in exercise).

Is it possible to be physically active without exercise?

Yes. Have you ever spent a whole day shopping? Man oh man, that's some extreme physical activity.

Is the Afghan Hound an active breed?

Yes, the Afghan Hound is an athletic dog that requires regular physical stimulation and exercise. It is talented at racing and can jump at great heights.

Why does the pulse decrease during exercise?

During physical exercise, the pulse rate increases as the heart pumps more blood round the body to supply the active muscles. Only after stopping will the heart rate return to the normal resting rate.

How do people exercise?

people exercise by taking part in sport or just getting physically active

What organelle is active during vigorous exercise?


Does Winnie the Pooh exercise?

Its an active little bear

Why is soccer good form of exercise?

because your active

What influences people to be active?

Active in what way? in physical activity?... music does it for me

How do you level up on gamespot?

Comment on stuff and write reviews, be active as much as possible.

What has the author Jean Marie Eberhart written?

Jean Marie Eberhart has written: 'Validity of the Astrand-Rhyming nomogram for moderately active adult females' 'Validity of the Astrand-Ryhming nomogram for moderately active adult females' -- subject(s): Dynamometer, Exercise for women, Physical fitness for women, Physiological aspects, Physiological aspects of Exercise for women, Testing

Is teenager weight loss entirely safe?

It can be safe if the child is healthy and a regimen is set into place. The best way to lose is for the child to be active and get outside for exercise and activities that require physical movement.

Why should kids excersie?

kids should exercise because they need to be active and have a great future ahead .the exercise the kids needs is just getting out and playing and being active and having fun

What cell organelle is most active during vigorous exercise?


What is the first bioenergetic pathway to become active at the onset of exercise?


What is the difference between active and passive exercise?

active excercise is done daily, passive is not done as it should be or not done at all.

Why would a retired person do physical exercise?

To keep active, stay in shape, and live longer and healthier. The body is a machine and it will atrophy if it has nothing to do. Retired people should slow down perhaps, but not stop.

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