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The question is not specific enough. I suggest you contact a lawyer or ask the council yourself.

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Q: You are a council tentant will the council offer you a sum of money if you were to end your tenency so you could have a deposit for a mortgage?
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What do you call a person who rents a house?

a tentant or lessee..I think! :)

What is co-tenancy?

secondary tentant is considered co-tenancy

Which French adjectives begin with the letter T?

terrible, téméraire, tentant, tordu,

If tentant dies and owes rent rent can you sue wife?

If she is on the lease then she is just as responsible as her deceased husband.

What is a sentence for the word tenant farmer?

tentant farmer is one who resides on and farms land owned by its or there landlord.

Can a landlord not give a bank payment history to keep a tentant from moving?

He has no obligation to provide the history, whatever his reason.

Who covers a sewer back up landlord or tentant?

Howdy! The tenant does because the are the ones who have been pooing. x

Is it possible to break an apartment lease if a tentant is threatening or harassing you?

yes but it would be better to ghave the person charged as well

How can you get rent owed you by a tentant that move out months before the lease was up you were left out 5 months of rent?

Take them to court

Why does it only have a few tentant?

Those are the suspects for Sam Westing's murderer except one tenant who was a "mistake"(Sybelle Pulaski).

Who was the tentant who was not supposed to be in the Westing game?

Sydelle Pulaski. He messed up and was trying to get Sybil Pulaski. (Crow's childhood friend)

Can a joint tentant sell half of a condo?

No. The purpose of a joint tenancy title is to designate ownership easily should one tenant die.

How many dogs can a tentant have living with them in California Can tenants breed in a apartment complex?

The amount of dogs allowed in an apartment in California will depend on the city laws and ordinances.

If you leave a 1 year lease on a apartment early would you still be liable to pay the remaing months if a new tentant moves in?

Yes...unless your rental agreement has a clause addressing sub-letting

Can a landlord charge tentant for water bill renting a house in Michigan?

Yes. You will need to reference your lease that you signed when you got the place. It will spell out what utilities you are responsible for paying and whether or not the landlord has agreed to pay utilities for you.

What are tongue twisters in french that start with c'est la?

C'est pas beau mais tentant de tenter de tâter, de téter les tétons de tata quand tonton n'est pas là. It starts with C'est but it doesn't have a la

What was it like being a tentant fearmer in the 1930s?

Tenant farmers were also known as share croppers. They did all the work, raised the crop, in exchange for the right to sell part of the crop. Share cropping is now infamous because of the grinding poverty that most of those people lived in.

Can a landlord send an ex-tentant to a collection agency for a disputed charge?

Yes, and the tenant can tell the collection agency the charge is disputed, and that could be the last you hear from them. If not, you need to research, follow and educate them on the rules of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, such as filing written notice of dispute, etc.

Can a landlord who's house went into foreclosure and he fill bankrupt and he has a section 8 tenant living in the unit 8 tenant still have to pay their family tentant contribution?

It might be best to ask the Housing Authority that issued the voucher. Bankruptcy has nothing to do with the tenant. As far as the foreclosure, it depends on what stage the foreclosure is in. Until the foreclosure sale happens, the tenant owes the rent to the landlord.

i have a renter and he is in the process of buying a new car..he asked me if he could use this address when geting car insurance. my question is if he were to get into an accident, would i in any way be liable with him using this address?

No you can not be liable for him using the address. It's just like when someone lives in an apartment complex if a tentant is involved in an accident the apartment complex is not at fault. His name is on the car title and on the policy. If he is the person driving then he would be the person responsible.

Quelle piรจce de Moliรจre fut interdite pendant cinq ans ร  cause du scandale qu'elle avait dรฉclenchรฉ?

C'est Tartuffe ou l'imposteur, présentée pour la première fois en mai 1664. Les dévots s'indignent de son contenu dans lequel ils voient une critique de leurs valeurs, moeurs ainsi que leurs roles très influent. Ils font interdire la pièce. En 1667, Molière rebaptise sa pièce Panulphe ou l'Imposteur mais elle elle est très vite de nouveau interdite pour cause de « ce n'est pas au théâtre de prêcher l'Evangile », selon la police. Toute personne tentant de représenter la pièce ou d'aller la voir, se voit menacé d'etre bannie par l'eglise, pour cause de critique de la religion.Le Tartuffe