You are a girl who likes girls and im really in love with this girl but don't know if she likes me back what should i do?

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Just get talking to her about something she is interested in and see how it goes. Tell her how you feel about her.
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Should you give the girl you love your MSN password if you don't even know if she likes you?

No matter how much you love her you are unsure of her feelings. Sadly, she could be using you to get your password, but let's say that isn't so. However, you should think of her motives about why she would want a password for your MSN. She could want to frame you for something. Keep personal informa ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a girl really likes you?

Girls always tell some one about there crushes and Have therefriends tip the boy off that tey like him. If any one tells you shelikes you its probably true.

What should you do if you love a girl but don't know if she love you back?

Answer . Real life is about risks, so take the risk and ask her out (if you haven't already.) Learn to communicate and you can by her actions if she loves you. Here are some hints:. IF YOU HAVEN'T ASKED HER OUT YET:. She talks to you and is pleasant towards you. . She looks at you when she doe ( Full Answer )

How do you know that a girl really likes you?

The girl talks to you a lot and smiles when you talk to her....whenever she sees you looking at her she looks away. When you ask her a question you answer it honestly. when you get close to her she blushes and tells all of her friends and doesn't go away to ruin the moment. When she doesn't want to ( Full Answer )

Im really liking this girl but you dont know how to tell her?

If u like a girl but u dont kno wat to do, there are a couple of things to do. First, you can ask someone to find out if she likes u too, like me. I luved a girl and found out she luved me to. Kno i have a gf. YAY! If u feel like that doesnt work, u can write a note saying "Do u like me at all. Chec ( Full Answer )

I like this girl who don't know me what should i do?

Follow these 3 steps: Step 1:Say that you love her Step 2: Jump off the Empire State Building Step 3: get arrested Have a good day Dont listen to that loser whos trying to get you killed. Next time you see her you should introduce yourself and get to know her. Then get her number and call her in a ( Full Answer )

I like a girl who don't know me what should i do?

At the end of the day she's not a monster.Just approach her and tell her how you feel.If you are still hesitant then try maybe walking into her (by accident) and proceed from there.TRUST ME GIRLS DONT BITE.

You really like this girl and don't know what to do next?

well...first of all..ask yourself these much do you like this girl? old is she? and how old are you?..after these..if your answers seem positive to you..try to be bold and talk to can offer to help on something..or maybe try to walk close to her sometime and try asking ( Full Answer )

I don't know if this girl i like likes me back what do i do?

you should talk to her and find out if she likes you or have your friends talk to her. . or if she plays with her hair when your talking to her or if she rubs her neck or if she acts all fidgety then most likely she likes you . =) leelee

I'm 15 and What should you do if your are pretty sure that a girl likes you or at least is interested in you but you don't know if you like her back and I'm normally really shy around girls?

You should start hanging out with the girl. That might help you find out if she likes you or not. Or you could talk to some of her friends, and talk to some of your friends about it too. They might be able to help you too.. You should start hanging out with the girl. That might help you find out if ( Full Answer )

How do you get a girl you really like back?

\nTell her you like her... maybe she still has feelings for you. You never know until you ask. Also, try talking to her. Being friends with her will increase your chances of getting her back.

How do you know if this girl really likes you?

hi! first of all is she doing anything stupid? sometimes when i like a guy i do something totally stupid to get his attention. does she blush when shes around you? does she whisper with her friends after you two have a conversation?if you really wanna know if shes likes you, just ask her! shell be f ( Full Answer )

How do you know you really like a girl?

you make sure that you guys have fun together and can open up to each other ans see if different girls have better personal qualities. its not supposed to matter what they look like.

What should you do if you really like a girl but don't have the guts to tell her?

well i know what you mean.... im in the same situation with liking this one guy... but as i hav learned you should always try to tell them ...even if it means making a friend tell them. or writing them a note..... you will never know what they will say unless you ask or tell... or kinda like i sai ( Full Answer )

I really like this girl at my school and I don't know how she feels about me what do I do?

First of all, don't be scared but be prepared for anything... If she likes you, then yea, go for it. but if you seldom talk to her and don't hang out much, then yea there's a problem. Anyway, go upto her and tell her how you feel. Don't send anyone over, like a friend, you can do it. And the girl wi ( Full Answer )

Do you know any insults that girls really don't like?

The answer to this question differs with each girl, some girls enjoy doing all the work and of course certain things are going get on there nerves but honestly it's something you have to know the girl to know for sure what they really don't like.

Im in love with this guy and his friend is trying to get him to ask you out and he hasn't yet and you really like him and you don't know if he loves you back should you ask him out?

to tell you the truth, in my opinion, i dont think you should. Females should have a bit pride, not a lot but enough not to ask a guy out.... maybe the guy is thinking.... or he's too shy, but if he is a real guy, and he likes you, then he will ask you out. Just think about it, if you ask a guy out, ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a girl likes you for what you have or who you really are?

Well, if she likes you for you, she might shy away from you or be really silent in a conversation, or maybe she'll mumble or talk in a quiet voice. If she likes you for what you have, she'll say, "let's go see (item) again!" Also, we may giggle and blush if we really like YOU and not your stuff. Hop ( Full Answer )

How do you get a girl if you don't know she likes you?

if you like a girl, don't act mean, it sucks when, if she does like u, your mean. just try to become friends, not really close Friend's, but friends enough to were she would open up to u. sometimes if a girl look at your sneaker she wants to she want kind of sneakers you like a lot of times they mig ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a girl really does likes you?

You can tell if she always wants to talk to you, even about randoms. She stares at you constantly. Sometimes she will flirt, if shes not to shy. She may even laugh at everything you say, even if its not funny. These are just some things you can catch if a girl likes you.

How do you get a girl that you really like back?

Well if you really like her then this is what you need to do. Just be yourself around her so she knows the real you. Also if you are really good friends with her then just say I like you but I don't want to ruin our friendship. Or just ask one of her friends to ask her if she likes you. Or jut confr ( Full Answer )