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Yes, they will grow some.


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No. Nothing can really make your breasts grow.

Yes a male can grow breasts by taking estrogen, but to do this you have to be under a doctor's care because the estrogen will also change other things as well.

by taking female hormone injections, estrogen.

You can not grow larger breasts. You can grow the muscles under the breasts with some exercise. So learn to live with the breasts you have.

It is normal for your breasts to get larger as you grow.

breasts grow naturall but the fatter you are the bigger your breasts good luck

Either eating a lot and not taking care of their body, or loading up on protein and working their pectorals on special gym equipment. =============================================================== Or estrogen. I learned in Biology that theyre sometimes born with a syndrome that causes males to grow breasts, not very big, but they grow.

No. Feeling of breasts will not make them grow.

No, waffles do not make your breasts grow.

Neither one will help grow breasts.

Breasts grow during puberty and is not linked to menstruation that way.

Foods do not help breasts grow.

No. A lot of people think massaging your breasts with oil will make them grow but the truth is nothing makes your breasts grow bigger.

There's no link between orgasms and breasts ability to grow.

Female hormones is the only way to grow breasts.

A cups are considered small. But taking note of your age, it's not that big a deal too. Fact is, your breasts will continue to grow.

Well men's "breasts" do grow during puberty but, women grow breasts to feed the baby. That's what they're made of-milk and fat for women!

Breasts does not start to grow until you are in puberty.

There is no particular foods to make your breasts grow. Just eat healthily and regulary. regular anal sex has been proven to help your breasts grow naturally.

THey will grow whenever you begin puberty.

We can grow big breasts by doing sex with other boys because they suck our breasts.

No, there is no scientific evidence that body cream makes breasts grow bigger

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