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No, the original creditor has sold the debt and is no longer involved in the collection process.

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Q: You are being sued in small claims court by a third party debt collector can you contact the original creditor and pay them?
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Should original creditor and the new creditor the account was sold to be included in bankruptcy?

Both and anyone else you can think about in the middle, because it removes any claims down the road for not providing proper notice.

Can a creditor garnish social security in Texas for deficiency after repo?

NO. Social Security income is protected from creditor claims.

What if a creditor files a lawsuit for a debt that has already been discharged in a bankruptcy?

If it's a small-claims case, answer that the debt was discharged in bankruptcy and attach a copy of the discharge order. Otherwise, contact an attorney to either provide a similar answer *or* take the creditor to Federal court for violating the discharge.

If all unsecured non-priority claims are discharged can a creditor that was included in the discharge have a judgment lien on a property?

Following your supposition, if he had a lien then he wasn't an unsecured creditor, and if only unsecured were discharged, he wasn't.

What are creditors holding secured claims?

If you signed a Security Agreement, then your creditor has a secured claim on the collateral specified in the agreement.

What is the max that can be sued for in small claims court?

Varies state to state. Contact your local small claims court for your state's small claims max.

If a creditor sues in small claims court to repo a vehicle but doesnt contact you to arrange to pick up the vehicle can you charge them storage fees from the date of the order?

That's creative, but it's more likely that they would sue YOU for failing to turn the vehicle over to them.

Can a company request payment for an invoices after 7 years of no contact can a creditor request payment of an outstanding non payment of an invoices from a debtor after seven years?

As a general rule, yes, they can. Unless the claims are limited by contract or legal agreement, debts never go away.

Can hospitals file claims against an estate?

Of course they can! Any creditor can place a claim against the estate. That is how they get paid the money the are owed.

The idea of the original intent claims that?

Original intent is a theory in law concerning constitutional and statutory interpretation.

How do you contact the Claims Department for government Funding Pending?

call them

Can you go to small claims court if your bill has been sent to collections?

Yes. Collections alone cannot order you to pay; you must pay voluntarily. With a small claims judgment, the creditor can attach the judgment to your assets.

How do you find the protocol for collecting on an insurance policy held with The Franklin life insurance company in Springfield Illnois?

All you need to do is contact the insurance company claims department or the original agent or his office and they will help you.

What is creditor holding unsecured priority claim?

Creditors holding unsecured priority claims

What is Form 7.343 used for?

Florida Small Claims Form 7.343 is Fact Information Sheet. It has two versions: (a) For Individuals, (b) For Corporate Entities. In a judgment in small claims court, the judgment creditor is the person to whom money is owed. The judgment debtor is the person who owes the money.At the request of the judgment creditor (or the creditor's attorney), the judge will order the debtor to complete Form 7.343 within a specified time.

What do you call a person who claims to be able to contact the dead?

devilbabay medium

How do you find your past claims?

Contact your insurance company's customer service.

Who do you contact if someone claims your kids on income tax?

David Cameron

Can a property from probate estate be rented out monthly if there are creditor claims?

Yes, the assets of the estate can be used to create income. The income can then be used to resolve debts.

Claims about matters of pure opinion are also known as subjective claims?

Claims in a bankruptcy are either accepted, disputed or not liquidated. "No liquidated" means there is no determinable amount owed at the time of filing. The court, trustee, creditor or debtor may force a hearing to determine if the debt is owed or what amount is owed. Claims are not opinions. The court does not deal with pure opinions, since they have no monetary value. The court deals with claims. Based on facts.

How can insurance claims be made to Allstate?

The first things to do would be to contact your Allstate agent. You can also call the claims center or go online to the customer care center and use the Claims Self-Service tool.

What are secure claims in chapter 13?

Secured claims are those debts that have been secured by collateral. Because of this, the creditor can take the collateral and sell it, if the debt isnâ??t paid. Some examples are home mortgages and car loans. With Chapter 13, the loan would have to be paid for these claims if the owner wishes to keep the property.

Where can I find an unpaid claims attorney?

Without knowing where you are and what type of claims ("upaid claims" can refer to both wages and insurance), I can't give specific info. What you should do is contact your state bar and ask for recommendations in your area.

How do you ahthenticated a college documents?

You must contact the office of the registrar where the individual claims he/she attended.

What geographic feature did the Western land claims extend?

They extended it to the original 13 States