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What does the divorce decree say? Usually it specifies who retains title to the house, or changes the type of ownership. If it was changed to tenancy in common, you would still have your half and your son would inherit his father's half. If it was changed to joint tenancy, you would inherit the house. If the divorce decree didn't specify a change, this could be where it ended up. If ex-husband ended up with it alone, your son would inherit the house. Consult a probate attorney for the specific laws in your state regarding both divorce and intestate cases.

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What if name was changed on mortgage afer death of deceased?

The name on a mortgage cannot be changed. A different person can become obligated on the mortgage if he guarantees it or the mortgage is refinanced.

How long do you have to be separated before you are legally divorced in Virginia?

Unless rules have changed, you have to file for divorce, you cannot just stay separated for any length of time and automatically become divorced.

Does homeowners insurance pay your mortgage if you become disabled?

Homeowners insurance does not cover your mortgage if you become disabled. You would need to obtain mortgage protection insurance for that.

How do you become a qualified mortgage lender?

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Can a mortgage become sub prime?

No. It begins life as a sub-prime mortgage.

Can divorced person become a nun?


Can a divorced Protestant become a Catholic nun?

A divorced Protestant woman can not take communion in the Catholic church. According to the Catholic church a divorced woman is committing adultery and can not become a nun.

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How does an AARP Reverse Mortgage Calculator help seniors?

For varying proportions of seniors, managing a mortgage or reverse mortgage can become understandably complex. The AARP Reverse Mortgage Calculator simplifies the process to make it more palatable to seniors.

What happens if you cant pay your dutch mortgage?

what happens if you become unemplyed and wish to reduce your mortgage payments are there any options in holland

Do you have to pay mortgage even your name is to on the mortgage?

If your name is not on the mortgage you are not legally liable for the loan as far as the bank is concerned. You could become liable through a divorce if it has been your home for you and your spouse.

Why do people become homelessness?

you can become homelessness if you dont pay rent/mortgage and councils will take your house.

Am I able to get a mortgage loan if I have no credit?

It is very difficult to secure a mortgage if you have little or no credit. Mortgage lenders have become more picky about who they will lend money to after the huge issue took place with forclosures.

Can you become a Catholic if you are divorced?

Yes, your married (or unmarried) state does not affect whether you can become Catholic or not.

Can a prince who is married to a divorced women become king of England?

yes, but she can't become queen

Are there classes for how to become a mortgage borker?

Yes, there are classes available to become a mortgage broker. You will find some great information at You can also try

Can you become legally separated from your wife if she is pregnant?

yes, but not divorced

Can Prince Charles become King since he is divorced?

I hope not

How can you become a mortgage broker in Massachusetts?

"To become a mortgage broker in Massachusetts, you will need to apply through the National Mortgage Licensing System. Once that is done, you will be walked through a series of training and testing, equaling about 20 hours. There is a fee involved, as well as a requirement for continuing education after you are licensed."

When did Greta Pilgrim-Owen and Chet Owen become divorced?

They divorced in December 2005. By the way, last name is Owens.

Has a divorced man every become President of the US?

Only one U.S. President had been divorced: Ronald Reagan. He divorced his first wife, actress Jane Wyman, in 1949.

Can estranged husband claim on intestate if his name is still on house deeds?

An estranged husband is married and he has all the rights of a surviving spouse if his wife dies. He will inherit an intestate estate according to the laws in the jurisdiction. He will become the sole owner of any property owned by survivorship with his wife if she dies.

How do you become a mortgage broker?

Take a traing course. its posilbe to pass your mortgage advice qualifications in literally days after intensive traingin. You then need to apply for a license from the American mortgage licencing association or in the UK you need to pass the Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice (CeMAP).

Does a divorced man need an annulment to become a deacon?

Normally, yes.

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