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You could ask the person "Why can't you understand that using uniforms can make those who are outasts feel unified with others who reject them? If there are some who oppose unity because they want to stand out, tht should be shown by their interesting personality and character, not their clothing and money or whatever material things."

Well even know that is true, it dose not really answer the question :(

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What is a title for school uniforms argument?

The case for having school uniforms. Come hear a debate about the pros and cons of requiring school uniforms. It will be a reasoned evening providing good information.

What questions can you ask in a debate about religious harmony?

If you're on the side of the debate which is stating a lack of harmony, ask questions that will provoke your opponent.

What are questions that I should ask in a debate?

That depends on what kind of debate. Informal debate: ask questions that help you understand. Ask questions about things that are confusing. Formal debate: always ask where the money is coming from and how much it will cost. Ask questions that make the other team look stupid and set up your arguments for you to bring up in a later speech.

What are some questions that someone against animal testing would ask in a debate?

Why would you do animal testing? Do you not ever think about yourself and being forced to do something against your will? Put yourself into there shoes.

What is Oregon Oxford debate?

The Judge presides over the debate and raises predetermined questions at the appropriate times.

Debate on abolishing of board exam against?

board exam against

Does wearing uniforms save you time in the morning?

Yes because you don't debate about your clothes you know that you have to wear a uniform

What is the person called who asks the questions at a debate?

The " chair person "

Debate - is a coalition party better than a singlr party?

WikiAnswers is here to answer specific questions not to debate issues.

Why is it so important to professor Tolson that the Wiley College debate team get an invitation to debate against Harvard?

so the blacks could be as good as the whites in the debate team

Neutralist debate questions for the Loyalists and the Patriots?

ask them why would I want to side with you?

The segment of the debate that should crystallize the debate into several key arguments against the resolution is called an?

The introduction is the section of the debate that crystallizes points. These points are mentioned at the beginning of the debate so that the opponents know what exactly are going to be debated.

What do you call the people that are debating against each other in a debate?

They are Opponents.

If you are with capital punishment what are some good questions you could ask your opponent in a debate?


I am a patriot in a debate what questions should i ask the loyalists?

Ask how they benifit by supporting the king

What are some good questions that would support gun control in a debate?

no answer... But better yet. Gun controll doesn't need any questions

Oxford Oregon Debate?

An Oxford Oregon Debate is the name given to debates that are standard. Each side follows a speaking order with specific questions being asked.

Debate on the topic against internet?

Type your answer here... It is time waste for students

What are some questions to ask during a north and south war debate?

Just ask questions that will really throw them off and that you think they won't know.

Where did the presidential election take place this year?

The presidential debate took place in washington. The debate against obama and biden against romeny and ryan was horribal it was almost a tie. i taylor was scared out of my life. amen arack won.

How do you start a debate?

by choosing if you are against or for the topic. then argue that your side is better than your opponent's

When there are questions about the things of faith dont you know the question will be debated?

I do, but then I love to debate. Some people don't and when their faith is questioned it makes them angry because they don't feel they have to defend themselves or are not prepared to defend themselves. It is better ask questions of faith to someone who is knowledgable and prepared to answer them. If you are looking for a debate, then make sure you find someone who wants to debate, or it is just an argument.

Debate help... Debate Topic is brands and latest cuts really add to your personality and i am against the motion... please give your opinion......?

If you really can't think of anything to say about a topic, you shouldn't debate on it, or you'll get completely squashed when the debate actually happens. Good luck.

What does the passage suggest about Richard Nixon's defeat in the 1960 presidential election?

It may have been connected to Nixon's personal appearance in a debate against Kennedy.

What is a formal contest in which speakers on both sides of an issue argue against each other?


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