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You are doing a degree in communication with a minor in psychology what jobs are there for that?

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February 22, 2009 6:47AM

Unfortunately, the psychology angle will be quite limited. You need at least a major in psychology (usually) to become a research assistant with psychologists or social workers. You cannot counsel patients without at least a master's, so research is really the only type of jobs that may be open (in my experience). If you want to pursue a job working with patients in a patient-care setting (hospitals, community health center,etc) you need to go for a more advanced degree. Additionally, communications and psychology are the two most popular majors for undergraduates. Less than 5% of students with a psychology major or minor actually work in the field. Therefore, I would suggest trying to differentiate yourself in some way. If you start volunteering in patient care situations, you may be able to get hired later based on your experience.