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Good for you! You are light years ahead of the other kids as far as maturity and doing what you like to do makes you VERY independent which is a good quality to have when you are an adult. The next time a group of kids you know starts to laugh at you take your mom over and introduce them. One thing, they won't laugh at her and may even like her! LOL I am most proud of you for enjoying the fact you are with your mother and not caring what the other kids think. Remember, school isn't forever and all these miserable little rug rats that are doing the laughingwill be but a faded memory for you soon. If this has become a problem then NEVER be afraid to tell your mother what is happening. She won't be hurt (I promise) and she'll stop walking you too and from school. If she's worried about your safety see if she can get one of those cheaper teen phones and use it only for emergencies. That will make her feel better. So proud of you! Marcy

2007-06-16 18:09:29
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Q: You are embarrassed when walking out with your mom as everyone at school laughs at you but you enjoy walking with her and it would break her heart to say that you don't want to walk with her anymore?
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