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Q: You are having a vinyl liner inground pool installed today they did the vermiculite bottom but when they pulled out the ladder it left hole marks can this be fixed before they set the liner?
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Has anyone ever used sani-tred products in an inground pool with steel sides and vermiculite bottom?

Vermiculite is not a suitable substrate.

What product do you use for packing the bottom of an in-ground pool before the vinyl liner goes in?


Footprints on bottom of inground pool liner?

I had an inground pool installed. We just turned on the lights at night and noticed footprints on the bottom. Can this be fixed? Call the pool company back. The bottom is normally sand mixed with cement. The liner will probably have to be removed and bottom smoothed. They should have checked that before installing the liner. Those printswi catch sediment and debris for the life of the liner.

How much does it cost to replace the pool liner in a 20 x 40 inground pool?

A 20 by 40 vinyl liner pool will cost around 1500 for the liner and 1500 for the labor. If you have a cement or vermiculite ( a type of cement) floor . If you have a sand bottom there is a extra charge for labor

Do fiberglass pools have ripples on the bottom after they are installed?

Under no condition do fiberglass pools have "ripples" on the bottom after they are installed. Of course, the pool could have been damaged in some way, then improperly repaired, before or after it was installed.

What is under the vinyl liner of an inground swimming pool?

There are two parts to a vinyl liner pool: the bottom and the walls. The walls are the first 3 1/2' down from the top, all the way around the pool. There are many different types of walls including galvanized steel, aluminum, fiberglass, polymer and concrete. The bottom, everything below the first 3 1/2' down, can be made from cement, a cement/vermiculite mix, a sand/vermiculite mix, a cement/sand/vermiculite mix, or just plain sand. What is used under the pool liner depends upon the preference of the pool builder and the specifications of the homeowner or contractor.

Where can you purchase vermiculite to repair your pool and how is it applied?

Vermiculite is available at Garden Centers. They use it in for plants and trees. Also, Home Depot and Lowes. Vinyl liner pools are built on the cheap. Rather than pour an 8" concrete bottom, or even shoot on gunite, by first building a cage of wire and Rebar, they mix cement with vermiculite and trowel on a 4" bottom. Without the vermiculite, the bottom couldn't withstand the hydrostatic pressure underground, and would lift up like a volcanic eruption. The vermiculite permits water to come up thru the bottom because the cement is now porous. Installation is accomplished by mixing the vermiculite into the cement prior to troweling it onto the entire bottom, which includes the vertical surface up to the bottom of the 3 1/2' wall (steel, fiberglass, wood, or whatever). Experience mixing and troweling cement is advised. Good luck

How is cross bridging installed in a floor system?

The top of the cross bridging is nailed to the top of the floor joist before the subfloor is installed. The bottom of the bridging is nailed in place after the subfloor is installed.

How do you put inground pool light back in that is out near bottom?

Personally, I'd call a pool company.

How do you drain inground pool without causing damage to it?

It depends on if you mean damage to the liner, the bottom or the walls. The liners go bad and shrink if not kept wet and evidentally this can happen very quickly. The walls should be held in place with braces and a concrete footer if it was installed properly and the weight of the concrete apron (sidewalk around pool should keep walls in place so these should normally be safe. The pool bottom if it is not too old is probably a mix of vermiculite adn cement from 2-4inches thick and this can be damaged if your water table is high in your area. If this is true them hopefully who ever installed pool should have put in a sump or french drains help keep water from coming up under pool and pushing the bottom up. You have to remember that at some point your pool didnt have water in it. ie during construction.

With a vinyl in-ground pool with cement walls with padding and vermiculite bottom is 28 mil better than 20 mil liner?

The 28 mil liner is 29% thicker and provides increased puncture protection. Liner longevity is determined by the quality of the surface it is installed on and how well the water chemistry is maintained.

How do you remove excess rain water in inground pool?

To remove excess rain water in an inground pool, you likely want to get a filter. You can also install a drain at the very bottom of the pool, but this will need to be closed if there were water in the pool for swimming.

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