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You are meeting your ex tonight you split up 2 weeks and you miss him terribly Any advice?


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September 13, 2011 7:06PM

Dont be desperate and work out the issues you had in the past before moving on. What a waste it would be to invest more of your heart to only have the same crap happen again. Dont go back to every single moment, generalize the issues, like if he was controlling or he expected you to do everything or either one of you didnt consider the others feelings 24/7. I have the 3 c's rule, compassion, consideration and communication should be present in every aspect of every thing the two of you do while together. Like if he is getting ready to leave work and the guys ask him to go to the bar he should consider the 3 's, communication, call you and see if you have any plans for a little while so he can hang with his buds, not your permission. Consideration, in so much as would he like it if you went with your friends, if not, then he shouldn't go, Compassion, if your home sick or have an urgent matter that needs tending to and you need his help, hands down, he picks you and tells his buds, next time. In every situation the 3 c's should be present. It sounds like alot of work but once you do it enough its like second hat and it makes for a smoother and nicer relationship. PS If he's paying order the most expensive thing on the menu...HAHAHA