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Pregnancy tests and human Biology are always wrong, I think you should tell your mom and see a doctor
Well obviously you aren't pregnant! You are just too worried so in your next intercourse wear a condom and take the pill If that makes you feel better.

Even if you were pregnant then when you had your period the baby would have come out.

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Q: You are on birth control was worried about being pregnant took a test said negative had your period but im still worried?
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You dont get a period because you are on the pill you tested negative but still feel pregnant?

If you're on the birth control pill and had a negative pregnancy test, it is not likely you are pregnant.

Are you pregnant if you had a normal period?

Probably not, but test if you are worried.

When your period is late do your emotions control it?

your emotions dont control but, but you can make your self late. if you are stressed or worried about being pregnant you can cause you period to be late, its not controld by emotions but stress dosent help

Can you be pregnant you have a missed period and test says negative you have signs of being pregnant What can it be?

home pregnancy tests aren't always reliable..its best to visit your doctor if you're worried, good luck:)

What if you had most of the pregnancy symptoms before your period was due and then the symptoms disappeared but a pregnancy test is negative and your period is nine days late?

you might be pregnant, but i doubt it. the symptoms were probably just pms, and if you were worried/excited that you might be pregnant, the stress could have delayed your period. if you dont get your period by the end of the week , take another test - if you are pregnant you may have just tested too early. if you still think you are pregnant , but still get a negative result, see your dr.

If im worried about being pregnant could that cause a late period?

Yes it can

I haven't been on my period for approx 40 days now should I be worried?

Depends if you want to be pregnant. If not you should be worried...

If you have pregnancy symptoms but a negative test and a heavy period that's not late could you be pregnant?

No you are definitely not pregnant. You will not have a heavy period and be pregnant.

I have missed a period and a pregnancy test is negative Could i still be pregnant?

it's possible to be pregnant with a negative pregnancy test. it can be a fault negative.

I haven't had my period in 6 months and i might habe a uti should i be worried about this?

or you can be pregnant.

If your period is 3 days late and you take a pregnancy test and it is negative and then get your period the next day but feel sick and tired and don't like to eat can you be pregnant?

If you have a negative pregnancy test and then your period and no sex in between or after, then, no, you're not pregnant. You're just sick and tired. You also need to rethink your method of birth control.

Could i be pregnant if i missed period so took 5 birth control pills a few days later and all tests are negative?

If all tests are negative you most likely are not pregnant, but why take 5 birth control pills???. The way that the pill works is that it fools your body into thinking that it is already pregnant, thus you cannot get pregnant again once you already are.

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