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Breakthrough bleeding is fairly common when you start using most hormonal contraceptives. If you are using a mini - progestin only pill (POP) you should call your doctor, having a period while taking mini pills can also mean you are ovulating.

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You been on your period for 2 weeks What is does that mean?

been on my period for 2 weeks what does that mean

If you were only on the pill for 1 week how long should you wait for your period?

Hello, You will experience a withdrawal bleed within 2 weeks of stopping the pill. 2-4 weeks after the withdrawal bleed your period will arrive.

If you take the pill for 2 weeks will you skip your period?

No. You should still have your period. Most people don't skip there periods unless they have been taken there pills for months. So expect your period.

Should you worry if you're not on the pill and your period starts 2 weeks early?

This has happened to me, whilst not on the pill. I believe it happened because I took the morning after pill. I got a period shortly after taking the MAP, and then my period again, on the date that I was due to get it.

Can you miss your period after getting off the pill?

The pill i take for period pain apon completion or discontuning can stall the process of periods for up too 2 weeks. but that's just for the pill i take for period pain and may vary for others.

Can you take microgynon to make your periods start after 2 weeks late?

If you have been using the pill regularly, it can cause your periods to become very light or stop all together. If you have not been on BCP and your period is 2 weeks late you should find out why your period is late before taking a drug to make it start.

Can you start your pill if you are on antibiotics but you have just came on your period?

Yes you can start your pill but your advised to abstain from unprotected sex or to use protection for 2 weeks.

What is the right time to take a pregnancy test if you are on the contraceptive pill?

first thing in the morning 2 weeks after missed period If you are on a combined pill you should not miss a period and you should not be pregnant if you are taking it correctly. If you are on a progesterone only pill your periods may not be regular so if you think you may be pregnant wait at least 2 weeks after sex.

The Sunday after your period when you take the first pill in the pack how long does it take for the pill to take effect Can you have unprotected sex that same day since ive been on the pill for 2 yr?

If you've been on the pill for two years, you can pretty much have sex whenever you want. You see, while on the pill, you don't actually ovulate. After your period, even if you didn't start taking your pills again, you'd have at least a week before you ovulate(as most women ovulate 2 weeks after period ends). So, if you're taking the pill, you're covered all the way through!

Why is your period early and lasting almost 2 weeks while you are taking the pill?

'The pill' works by changing your hormones around. Because it is messing with your hormone levels, you may find that it affects things like your period.

Is it normal to have a light period when you get of the pill and then 2 weeks later have a extremely heavy period?

Yes it is normal. Your body is getting used to the hormones inside of the pill. And you may have really light periods to really heavy. Your body will even out once you have been on the pill for a little longer. Those symptoms should go away in a few months.

When can you start taking the pill again when you havent taken them in 2 weeks?

You have to wait until the 1st day of your next period

Is it normal to start your period 2 weeks early when on birth control pills?

no this is NOT normal, maybe you have forgotten the pill or miscalculated.

If you did not start your birth control on the Sunday of your period what will happen?

If you haven't started the pill yet then this is ok. Just start the pill when you want to but do not miss a pill. The pill will not prevent pregnancy until you've been on it for 4 weeks - after this time you can have unprotected intercourse. If you've already started the pill but forgot to take one on Sunday then you need to continue taking your pills as normal but you must use a condom for 2 weeks to prevent pregnancy.

Is Depo-Provera the same as the pill where after your first dose you should get your period 4 weeks after?

No, There NOT the same the shot really helps, but the pill doesnt. && No, after the first dose your period should come in about 2 to 3 mouths but iDk why...

What causes menstrual bleeding for over two weeks?

my daughter has been on her normal period and then 2 weeks later again and it has been over 2 weeks that she has been bleeding. what could this possibly be? is it something to worry about?

What happens if you stop taking the birth control pill for 2 weeks?

If you stop taking the birth control pill for 2 weeks, what happens is that you will have a period a few days after not taking any pills. You will also not be protected against pregnancy unless you use another form of contraception.

You started your pill the Sunday that you started your period you had your period for 2 weeks on the following Sunday you forgot to take your pill and your boyfriend got off inside you could you be pr?

yes. you have to be taking the pill in advance ( 3 months) before you have intercourse. even when taking the pill for a while, there will always be the slight chance of getting pregnant.

I been on the pill for 2 years and hadn't had my period for 5 months can you get pregnant if i stop taking pill?

Yes, it may be harder but you still ovulate even with out a period you just don't know when.

Period while on the pill?

I have been on the same pill for about 2 years, and have been taking it continuously for the past 3 months, not bothering to have a period week. When I first started taking it, my doctor told me it was fine to do that. Recently, when starting a new pack, I got my period anyways. Why is this? I am worried that my body is no longer "responding" to the pill in the way that it should...

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