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no probably not but it does sound like you need a medical evaluation for colitis joymaker rn

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You are having headaches tingling in your neck are these symptoms?

yes contact a doctor

What are the most common concussion symptoms?

There are many symptoms people experience when they may have a concussion. The most commons ones are having fatigue, frequent headaches, dizziness, and ringing in ears.

What are symptoms that someone's having a stroke?

There are quite a few signs to look for when looking for a stroke. Such symptoms may include, weakness, slurred speech, dizziness, trouble seeing, and headaches.

What are the symptoms of having high blood pressure?

The best place to find out is your doctors. There are many symptoms of high blood pressure, these include: headaches, dizziness and black-outs. Often though many people do not have any symptoms.

How long can you have hepatitis b without having symptoms?

It can be years before any symptoms appear.

What are withdrawal symptoms of lyrica?

Main withdrawal symptoms are; Nausea Insomnia Headaches Diarrhea. Personally, I've been having very bad anxiety as well which, in turn, probably leads to insomnia.

Can you transmit gonorrhea before having symptoms?

Depending on the circumstances, yes it is likely that you can pass gonorrhea 4 - 6 days before symptoms show.

What are the symptoms of having a period?

if you feel sick to your belly that means you are going to have your period in a month or tomorrow Irritability/PMS, breast tenderness, headaches, abdominal bloating/nausea, backache are the usual symptoms of your monthly menses.

I am writing a novel and the main character is quite poorly she has been very light headed been sick an having headaches what could i make her diagnosisand what are the other symptoms?

Please learn better grammar before writing a novel.There are a thousand things that have headaches and light headed for symptoms.Anything from anemia to cancer can cause light headed and headache.I would suggest finding an online medical website that lets you put in lists of symptoms and it will give you back a list of nearly every possible diagnosis.

Can you find your pregnancy symptoms before your period?

You may think you are having early pregnancy symptoms but there is no way to verify before your period is due, do to insufficient hCG levels.

What are the symptoms of having low blood sugar?

Having low blood sugar is called hypoglycemia. Symptoms include constant hunger, shaky feelings, headaches, mood swings, confusion, and a abnormal skin color. It is possible that you have low blood sugar if you experience one or more of these constantly.

Can a female have gonorrhea without having symptoms?

Yes it can be.Yes. They may not have noticable symptoms but like a flu, you can pass it to several people before symptoms begin to manifest.

What are the consequences of having a low blood pressure?

Consequences or symptoms of having low blood pressure (hypoglycemia) involve sweating, dizzyness and headaches, blurry vision, erratically fast heart rate, hunger and nausea, and shakiness.

Can someone stay with hiv for 1year without symptoms?

Yes. One can be HIV+ for many years before having any AIDS symptoms.

How long before your period do you get signs of having a period?

Usually you get PMS symptoms about a week before your period is due to start.

Is it possible the pill has been causing headaches if you started it two months ago and have been having headaches the past 2 weeks?

It could be. The reason it takes 3 to 4 months for the pill to be effective is that it need to build up in your system. You could be having a reaction to them or they could be too strong, and it took this long for them to build up enough for the symptoms to show. Some women have to try different strengths or brands before they find the one that works for them.

Are you pregnant if Ive been having cramps and headaches and feeling sick all the time?

yea you could be i have had bad headaches,nausuas,horrible crampings, and getting flue like symptoms you might want to check it out chicka..i have to caz i would be going onto my second trimester.

How do you apply for medical marijuana?

Go to your doctor if medical marijuana use is legal in your state. Tell your doctor your symptoms of whatever you are having (Backpain, Insomnia/Trouble sleeping, Chronic headaches, etc.)

Can you get out of school because of anemia?

yes you can because you won't be able to concentrate at all. some symptoms of anemia are feeling dizzy and having headaches. now i bet that's good news for anematics!

What exactly does flu symptom mean?

By saying you have flu symptoms you are explaining how having the flu is making you feel.For example some people suffer with aches and pains, others headaches, runny nose

Can you get malaria without fever?

Sure. There are other symptoms of malaria that do not necessarily include having a fever.HeadachesChillsDiarrhoeaMuscular painLethargySicknessCoughing fitsAbdominal pains

What are the symptoms of a kidney cancer before it is full blown?

Symptoms of kidney cancer include weight loss, bloody urine, having side pain, having a lump on your side, and being tired and just not feeling well.

Can a male have trichomoniasis without having symptoms?

Yes, a male can have trich without having symptoms.

Can you be 9 days pregnant and feel pregnant such as feeling bloated with headaches and dizziness?

If you mean nine days after unprotected intercourse it is just about possible to start having symptoms but it sounds more like you have the flu.

An oxygen therapy patient having what symptoms should contact his doctor?

Frequent headaches; anxiety; cyanotic (blue) lips or fingernails; drowsiness; confusion; restlessness; slow, shallow, difficult, or irregular breathing.