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Period symptoms are very similar to pregnancy symptoms, so this is probably why

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Q: You are on your period but still feel like you are pregnant?
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Can you have like period pain and still be pregnant?

Honestly i feel that this can happen during pregnantcy.

Can you still be pregnant if you have your period?

Some cases have shown that some women have had period like symptoms while pregnant

Do you get period like pains during pregnancy?

Yes and this is very common. It will feel like you have your period but, instead your pregnant.

Do you still have periods if you are pregnant?

No you don't have you period when you are pregnant. How do you know? When it is the time of the month for you to be on your period and your not then unfortuanately their is something wrong. Meaning that you can be pregnant. How do you know your pregnant? When you can't take the smell of anything or you are craving for alot of things. You can also feel like throwing up too.

Even if you have your period can you still be pregnant?

Some cases have shown that some women have had period like symptoms while pregnant

You have cramps and feel like im on your period but you have no bleeding?

wait a couple days and if you still have no bleeding take a pregnancy test. when i was pregnant i could feel slight cramps every month when i normally would have had my period

Can vaginal bleeding feel like a period while being pregnant?

yes it can

Can you have miscarriage-like symptoms and still be pregnant?

What types of symptoms? Like bleeding? Or spotting? You can be pregnant and still have your period, but it won't be like a regular period. More like spotting and not for very long. I don't think they would even call it a period.

Im having slight period pains can you still be pregnant?

Yes you can be pregnant, i had mild period like cramping when i fell pregnant with my 3 kids.

Are you pregnant if you had a period but you have morning sickness and still cramp after your period is gone?

You can still bleed while you're pregnant like you would when you get your period. Definitely take a pregnancy test to be sure.

Can a girl get her period a day after she has been inseminated?

If she was pregnant it would be highly unlikely for her to get her period, however if she wasn't pregnant she should still get her period like normal.

Do you still feel like your period is coming after you have conceived?

you feel as if you had sex and eddies penis is still in you twot! so if you are like me and it feels like you are having your first period just think you are in the bed with Eddie or Brian! DICKS FEEL GOOD SO HOPE YOU HAVE YOUR PERIOD

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