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If you are on the rental agreement, mortgage, or lease agreement and you are the one staying in the house, yes.

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Q: You are separated can you change the locks on your home doors?
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Is it legal to change the locks on your own home?

It is legal to change the locks on any home that you own.

When someone says the word safe what do you think about?

locks on the doors of our home wearing seatbelts

How can a person update their home security?

One of the easiest ways to update the security of your home is to change the locks on your exterior doors and ensure that your window locks are in good working order. If you are concerned about your safety, you may want to install an electronic security system that includes alarms and surveillance cameras.

How do you get an ex girlfriend to move out of your home?

Change the locks bru.

Need to change doors of your home?

if you want to change the doors of your home, then go for upvc doors. Beside being energy efficient , they are also long lasting and enduring. Look for Fenesta,they offer best quality windows and doors !

What stores sell door locks that work on inside and outside doors?

Home stores, Home Depot, Lowes, Aces, Sears, Wal-Mart and target have locks for cheap for the inside and outside of your home. I prefer home depot as opposed to others. I love them.

Can you change the locks on your home after your husband moved out?

Sure. It's easy.

What are good patio door locks that are easy to install?

Safe Slider offers the best sliding door locks. Double bolt sliding glass door locks can be bought at Home Depot. Lowes also offers a large variety of locking patio doors and locks.

How safe are glaas doors?

Glass doors are very popular and can be very safe in the home. Locks and latches can easily keep unwanted guest out and the glass is usually reinforced and hard to break.

Are keyless door locks as safe as standard door locks?

Keyless entry doors are not as safe and reliable as standard door locks. Many times these operate on a radio frequency that can be duplicated by amateur radio enthusiasts, allowing them access to your home.

Can a wife or husband change the locks when the other leaves the home?

Yes, either one can shane the locks if they have exclusive possession of the property and a separation agreement has been filed. If there isn't a legal precedent, you can't change the locks.

Real estate can someone change the locks on a home and not give you a key if you are part owner?


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