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You are shipping an order by ocean to India freight collect what are my FOB terms?


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They are the the freight on board terms


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First, it depends on what kind of items you are shipping, since shipping costs can be charged by both weight and size! Besides, it is decided by what kind of mode of transport you select, air freight or ocean freight.

The best shipping line that comes out of Florida on land is AllPro Freight. If your looking for a shipping lines on the rail or ocean you are going to want to look into Maersk-Sealand.

Good morning the price for your shipping will depends the transportation mode. Air or ocean freight as well as the shipments dimensions, weight and commodity. You can go to this website that helps you to compare the shipping modes air or ocean, gives you the transit time and rates for shipping from USA to MacedoniaGood luck

It would be about about 2 or maybe 3 days from Thailand to India.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of different sizes of containers. Now if you are referring to ocean freight shipping containers, that could narrow the field.

Shipping costs depend on the size, shape, and weight of the material being shipped as well as the method of transportation. Air shipments are much costlier than ocean freight for large items, but airmail may be more economical for small packages. Rates can be obtained on request from the postal service and from courier companies.

International Ocean Shipping Building was created in 2000.

FIO is not an Incoterms Free in and out is related to the terms on a ocean bill of lading. is the international shipping term used in the ocean freight industry means that the carrier is NOT responsible for the cost of loading and unloading gods onto/from the vessel.

Ocean freight forwarders organize shipments to get packages and goods from the producer to the customer or place of distribution. They arrange shipments and transportation.

Both UPS and Fedex offer content insurance for air freight. However, ocean freight is covered by the marine cargo insurance through the ocean freight handler. Chubb insurance has been in business over 100 years covering all ocean bound freight.

What is the ocean below India?

No. India is on the Indian Ocean.

India borders the Indian Ocean.

Los Angeles relies on the Pacific Ocean for shipping.

the ocean which borders India to the south is called as the Indian ocean

No, India is located di Indian Ocean

Passage of shipping from Pacific Ocean to / from Atlantic Ocean.

The Indian Ocean is between Africa and India. So you would have to cross the Indian Ocean to get to India or Africa!:)

The biggest ocean freight ship is the CMA CGM Jules Verne. The Jules Verne was built in 2013, has a maximum TEU of 16020, and a maximum gross tonnage of 153,022.

Indian ocean is on the south side of India

DHL India offers domestic and overseas courier services to companies of varying size. These services include parcel delivery, express air and ocean freight, road transportation, rail transportation and international mail services.

The ocean around Sri Lanka & India is called the Indian ocean.

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