You are trying to win your lovers heart back Giving up is not an option problem is that its a long distance relationship you meet in9 months secondly he finds it so hard to forget the past and move on?

First off you didn't mention what past he was trying to forget about and move on. This makes it difficult to answer your question to the fullest extent. A very low percentage of long distance relationships ever work out. People need to be able to see, feel and talk to each other and that's not an option with a long distance relationship. You are risking a lot on this relationship. It appears you'll be seeing him in 9 months. It appears you have done something he can't seem to forgive you for. If he can't forgive you then you have no option but to move on or live a very lonely existence. When you love someone it's so hard to realize just how many other nice guys are out there. We all make mistakes in relationships, but most of us try to learn from them. It appears you are going to have to move on whether you like it or not and you will meet another great guy that you'll fall in love with. Live and learn! The statistics on long distance relationships are very low. Humans need to feel, touch, be in contact and be able to communicate face to face and by reading body language which you can't do when it's long distance. You didn't say what he is trying to forget about, but it's obvious it has something to do with something you did to hurt him. When you break a trust of any sort (especially in a relationship) it's difficult for that person to ever trust that person again. Some people can forgive and continue on, while others can't and your ex appears to have decided to move on and so should you. I have no idea why you are meeting in 9 months. Since you will be meeting remind him that everyone makes mistakes and you've learned from any you have made (and mean it.) He is either going to forgive and forget or he'll move on and if you don't like this option you're going to have to get use to it and move on as well. When we love someone deeply we can't ever believe it's possible to meet someone else and often times be even more in love. You are just going to have to risk seeing him and hope he has a forgiving heart. You can't force someone to love you back. Good luck