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You may be pregnant! Take the are having too many symptoms to ignor. good luck!

2011-09-13 19:08:17
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Q: You are two weeks late you are very moody It feels like you're getting flu you havent yet tested because you are used to irregular late periods But your body hurts alot your breast is saw you are tire?
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Your periods are irregular after given birth is this normal?

It can take months for your periods get back to normal, especially if you are breast feeding you can miss periods or have long times between them. You can still get pregnant while breast feeding and having irregular periods though so you should still use contraception.

High prolactin levels?

Can be due to disease or medication. Are normal when breastfeeding. Can result in irregular periods in women, or breast discharge.

You have cramps and slight nausea after eating your periods are irregular and you havent had them in 1month and 15 days you dont have sore breast Could you be pregnant?


Continuous sex for 2 weeks after periods and still getting period signs usually get breast pain 1 week prior to periods but this time 2 weeks prior to period date got breast pain can you be pregnant?

Continuous sex for 2 weeks after periods and still getting period signs usually get breast pain 1 week prior to periods but this time 2 weeks prior to period date got breast pain can you be pregnant?

Could you be pregnant if your breast feel heavy and you are having brown spotting but your irregular with your periods?

Theirs a chance you might be but its alwa ys better to get tested or check to be sure because those are some symptoms of being pregnant.

Why do you feel stiffness in your breast before periods?

because of hormones and swelling or cysts.

Enlarge breast late periods no pain in nipples could you be pregnant?

late periods is not the sign of pregnancy but no period is. enlarged breast are signs seen before periods.

What are the most common premenopausal symptoms?

There are several common premenopausal symptoms. These symptoms include hot flashes, breast tenderness, decreased libido, fatigue, irregular periods, and mood swings.

Why are some breasts small?

They are small because breast are mad of built up fat, and when you breast get bigger it is because you are not getting fater in the stomache the fat goes to your breast making them larger.

Is an increase in breast size an indicator of pregnancy?

ThatS hard to answer because if ur breast are getting bigger it could be just because ur body is growing

Can breastfeeding cause irregular periods?

Yes, the hormones released during breast feeding naturally suppress ovulation. Pre contraception this was the only way of spacing chidren. Don't rely on it as a form of contraception though.

Does breast sucking by your boyfriend leads to delay in periods?


What are the risk factors for breast cancer?

Breast Cancer Risk FactorsThe exact cause of breast cancer remains unknown. There are, however, a number of risks factors associated with this disease including:Gender - Women are more likely to get the disease than men.Age - The chances of getting breast cancer increases with age.Genetics - Approximately 5-10 percent of breast cancer cases are thought to be caused by mutated genes (hereditary).Family history - The changes of getting breast cancer increases in families where are close relatives have been diagnosed or died from the disease.Race - White women are at greatest risk of developing breast cancer, yet more African-American women die from this disease.Early Menstrual Periods - The chances of getting breast cancer are greater among those women who had early periods or who experienced early menopause.

When does breast start to leak during pregnancy?

Because they are getting ready to feed a baby.

What are the symptoms of advanced breast cancer?

There are several symptoms of advanced breast cancer. These include a large, hard, irregular lump in the breast, fatigue, weight loss and loss of appetite.

Can primolut-n affect your 13 months old through breast feeding?

yes if effects breast milk. my baby is 3 months old and my periods become irregular non prescribe me primolut n and advice not to feed .it is specially dangerous for infand male because primolut n has female hormone and passes to male effects baby boy. regards nida shahzad pakistan

You are 25 years old Never been pregnant and always had irregular periods your breast started leaking milk?

most likely your pregnant possibly more than 2 months , if not go to the doctor cause something might be wrong.

Do periods make your breast grow?

No, going through puberty makes your breasts grow, but you get your periods as you go through puberty.

Can you have breast cancer because you started periods at age eleven?

Beginning menstruation at the age of 11 is not abnormally early, but the longer you have periods, the greater the risk of breast cancer. You need to take the normal precautions that all women should - regular self-checks and annual doctor's checks. If you have additional risk factors such as a family history of breast cancer, then seek advice for the checks you should have.

Can getting hit in the breast cause breast cancer yes or no?


Can you get breast cancer from getting hit in the breast too hard?

yes you can !!

Which are breast cancer risk factors?

The risk factors of breast cancer are gender, aging, genetic risk factors, family history of breast cancer, personal history of breast cancer, ethnicity, and menstrual periods.

Can you miss periods because of breast feeding?

Yep. I breastfed my son for a year, got pregnant, breastfed my daughter for two years, and never had a period til after that.

What are some early warning signs of breast cancer?

Some early warning signs of breast cancer are a strange lump that does not appear to be normal and some irregular discharge that is not milky. Another sign is dimpling in the breast.

How does depo affect you if your tubes are tied and you want to come off the shot?

You might have irregular bleeding as your body resumes it's normal menstrual cycle. If you had cramps and breast tenderness with periods before depo, they'll likely return as your regular cycle starts again.