You are worried about your girlfriend and her exboyfriend who were both in a long term relationship with each other?

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September 13, 2011 7:08PM

I was also in a long term relationship...and the guys that I dated after the long term one, were and are always concerned about the guy I dated for 4 years. But, here is what I think...if you break up with someone...then, it is over. I guess it will always be in their memory...but, if they have agreed to go out with you, then I am sure you are the only one they are thinking of. Obviously, they broke up for a reason...but, I wouldn't try reading into it all the time, you will just get hurt if you think that there is still something going on.

Just try and create new memories and try and be part of their present and need to always dwell on the past:D


Well, its nice that you are concerned but worried. What do they think about this. Are they having problems that are ongoing. Do they need help as far as talking to someone to work through their issues. I would say give them advice once and back out. Your concerns are valid but should not consume you, its there business......