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Probably not too much damage, but I always like to be sure, so you can take your car to any local shop and have them check for any damages done to the car. Just tell them you backed into someone, they usually aren't too interested who you hit.

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Q: You backed into a parked car and it moved but it didnt make a dent in the back of the car so you werent going that fast you werejust backing out of a parking space what kind of damage would there be?
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Who was at fault if you were backing a car parked in the parking lot and another car on the street was going forward and then suddenly stopped and backed and the two cars hit?

Were you both backing at the same time 'at impact'? Will depend on where damage is etc, but assuming both backing and bumpers hit more than likely will be a 50/50 liablitly decision made.

You hit someone in a parking lot backing out but there is no damage to your car do you still leave a name and number?


Are you liable for the damage to a car in the no parking zone when backing out of a legal parking space?

If you back into somthing its your fault regardless of whether it was parked improperly or not. You were suposed to be looking

Who is at fault if both vehicles are backing out of a space in a parking lot and you have a larger scratch?

If all conditions are equal: such that both parties signaled and backed up in a 'cautious manner' - then the fault would be 50-50. The amount of damage would have no bearing.

Who is at fault I was backing out of a parking spot was hit by a car coming around the corner I have no damage their right side fender was dented whose at fault?

Most defintley his fault, you were backing out, he should have saw you first.

Your car was hit while backing out of parking space?

The car which is driving straight into the parking lot has the right of entery into the parking space. When you are backing out your vehicle than you need to make sure that there is no vehicle which is comming in and whether it is safe. If you have already backed out more than 50%, than the car comming in should wait till you clear out . As per the state prevalant laws it would differ from state to state. However, each one will have to claim for the damage of the vehicle under your own policy and if there is any bodily injury than you can sue the opposite driver. However, the award for property damage and injury would be paid in porpotion to the fault fixed.

If you are backing out of a parking spot and another person cuts in behind you to get into a parking space who is at fault if you back into them?

If you are both moving, the one at fault is whoever the police officer says is at fault on the accident report. That's all I can tell you with this information. I hope you called the police. They will say you backed into them and you will say they ran into you. Without a police report faulting one of you, the insurance company will say both are 50% at fault which means each pays for their own damage.

If two cars are backing out of parking spaces and one car is almost finished backing when the other car hits it with their bumper who is at fault damage to rear right bumper?

Need more information, where is your damage exactly, where is the other partys damage/impact. If you had control of the lane, then the other party will likely carry the majority of fault. If you could give me more details I could be of greater assistance to you.

Who is at fault if a car backing up to parallel park without signaling and backs into another coming causing little or no damage?

Assuming that the car hit was stopped when the other car was backing up, the one backing will be at fault. If there is no damage, or if it is below a certain threshold it may not even count as a collision.

Backing out of curbside parking a truck came from alley and we hit so who's at fault if i have no damage but he has a smashed front right panel?

From the description of the collision contained in the question, there is no way of clearly determining the scene and what occurred.

Who's fault is it when you're backing out of a parking spot into the main road and someone is reversing into a parking spot behind you off of the main road and causes accident?

I'm confused by the question. You were both backing? And back into each other? If that is correct more than likely you will each be 50% at fault. If you can provide more information (ie, where on each vehicle exactly is the damage, who was farther out etc), then perhaps I can be of more assistance.

Will insurance cover damage to a vehicle that was backed into a pole?

As long as you have collision yes insurance will cover the damage that was done.

What is the best way to avoid crashing into something while parking?

The best remedy is to learn how to drive properly. Second, install rear parking sensors. Rear parking sensors protect from damage to the vehicle and harm to people, rear parking sensors also protect drivers and others from property damage.

You backed into a car in an empty parking lot The person with the car chose not to park in one of the empty parking spaces but parked along side the ATM Does this help the person who backedinto thecar?

I doubt it. It was an empty parking lot. There was no obligation on the person parking to use one of the available spaces, unless there was a prohibition notice displayed which forbid parking beside the ATM. Even then, such a prohibition would be unenforceable if the parking lot is private land. For the driver of the parked car to have any 'blame', there would need to be a sign warning them that cars parked in this area were especially liable to damage. As the driver of the moving vehicle, you carry the blame for the collision.

Who is at fault when someone backs into you while driving in a parking lot?

There are several things to consider in a parking lot accident like this one: * Where is the point-of-impact between your two vehicles? If the other car backed into your left rear door, for instance, he's probably at-fault for this loss because you have been well in control of the aisleway. * Where were your vehicles located after the impact? Was the other car half-way out of its spot? Three-quarters? Or just starting to back? * Are there any independent witnesses to confirm liability (this means anyone who was not located in your car or the other driver's car). * How wide is the parking lot aisle? If it's wide enough for two vehicles, were you traveling right next to the line of parked cars, or trying to stay in the middle in case anyone was backing? * How fast were you going? * Were the reverse lights on the other car working? Usually, the person backing out has the greater duty to watch for oncoming traffic, but this doesn't mean negligence can't be applied to you. If you've got full coverage on your car, you might want to let your insurance company fight it out for you if the other driver's carrier doesn't accept liability. Here are more answers and opinions from other FAQ Farmers: * Backing out of a parking lot there are two lanes one west and east. The East bound lane is for vehicles leaving the parking lot and the west lane is for enetring this parking area. There are arrow showing the flow of traffic. If vehicle A is backing out of a parking slot and barely pulls out before vehicle B stops behind him gets out stating that his car was hit. Vehicle B is now 30 inches from Vehicle A rear end in the west bound lane. Vehicle's A rear door is still inside parked slot. Now the vehicle B is now in the westbound lane heading east. There is no visual damage to Vehicle A or Vehicle B damage seems to be under the 1/4 panel on the driver side it can be felt by the hand. The driver of vehicle A believes the driver of Vehicle B to be at fault because it is in the wrong lane and this caused the collision. The driver of vehicle B maintains that anytime you are backing up, the vehicle backing up is at fault. Who has the right of way? * If you are driving in your parking lot, and someone is backing out of a parking spot.. then it's the person backing up who is at fault most likely. If he hit you from your left rear door and beyond then it's his fault. I just had an accident like this and someone backed into me. I am going to school now and going to show him the police report because he didn't write the right thing down and he wrote it was my fault, but he explained to me that day that he didn't yield, didn't look in his mirrors and so on.

Do insurance companies count it against you for a parking lot accident where both drivers backed up into each other?

Hello - I work in insurance and I'm guessing you mean you were both backing out and didn't see each other and both got hit... Hopefully (althouh just a small accident) you called the police and made a report - also if the other driver takes the same amount of responsibility then you will only need to pay the excess on your insurance to get the damage fixed - vice verser for the other driver - Neither of you are responsible for each other's damage.... Hope This helps :)

What can cause damage to your rotors?

Leaving the parking brake on while you drive

Who is at fault if someone backed into you in a parking lot The damage is on the back of his truck and side of mine?

The general rule is that it's the moving vehicle that's responsible for making sure that the road is clear. If both vehicles were moving at the impact it gets more difficult. Then it has to be settled who had the right of way.

What do you do if you backed into an illegally parked car in Virginia on private property and caused little or no damage?


What happens when two cars in a shopping center parking lot are both backing out at the same time and bump each others cars with a little damage?

That's their fault they should look out first before they do anything, some people shouldn't drive and if they make any damage then they will have to pay for what they have done!

Will latex backed rugs leave a mark on tile floor?

Any rug can leave a residue over time, but soft Latex backed rugs with the little dimpled backing are designed to leave as little as possible. The harder the surface the less damage a rug will do. For example a rug over hardwood will do more damage over time than a rug over ceramic or porcelain tile. The caveat will be dirt, sand or even dust; anything that gets under the rug will act as an abrasive.

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No it is leather so the do not guarantee that there will be no damage.

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You can protect your computer equipment and data against damage by backing up your work and installing anti-virus software.

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It is not wise to connect a backinglarm, because it is so easy to damage wires wich are very thin. You can buy an bulb with backing larm in it, and just put in instead of the existing bulb.

What should you do if you drive with your emergency brake on?

drive with it off and have the parking brake inspected for damage.