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You believe would make an excellent massage therapist because?

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Q: You believe would make an excellent massage therapist because?
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How to do Thai massage business in Saskatoon?

I believe you should ask a massage therapist from Saskatoon

Are most men uncomfortable receiving massages?

yes and no, I myself, as a male massage therapist believe that most men are much more comfortable with receiving a massage from a female massage therapist than a male massage therapist. men seem to react to massage as an intimate situation , not many think of it as a medical option for injury or stress.

What are the advantages of being a massage therapist?

What are the advantages of being a massage therapist?

Can a massage therapist do body scrubs?

sometime some of the massage therapist does body scrubs but not all of the therapist does it

Do you have to be an LMT to do massage?

If you want to do massage therapy professionally you will need a license. There are different designations in different parts of the country and in different states. You may be a licensed massage therapist (LMT), a certified massage therapist (CMT), a licensed massage and bodywork therapist (LMBT), or just massage therapist.

In Wisconsin, what is an excellent school for becoming a massage therapist?

In Milwaukee there is Lakeside School of Massage. Globe University has several campuses in Eau Claire,Wausau and Madison.

Do massage therapists get aroused during work?

As a male massage therapist, out of all the 1000+ people i have massage I have never been aroused because of touching a client. A real massage therapist keeps his focus on his work and not what the client looks like. But that does not mean that massage therapist don't get aroused during work, I'm pretty positive some do.

Do you capitalize massage therapist in a sentence in a cover letter?

Yes, Massage Therapist should be capitalized.

Is massage therapist in demand in United Arab Emirates?

I believe there is a great demand for them especially for outcall

What is the NFL average salary of a massage therapist?

The salary of a NFL massage therapist will vary depending on experience and the team budget. On average a massage therapist will be paid $35,230 per year.

What is a person called who gives a massage?

Massage therapist!

How much money does a massage therapist earn in New Jersey?

How much money does a massage therapist earn?

Will massage therapist still be here in the future?

yes, cuss a massage therapist can do thanks that a mashen cant do

What education and training do I need to become a massage therapist?

The are massage therapy schools. There you can obtain the training at master the skill needed to be a good massage therapist.

Is seeing an unlicensed massage therapist illegal in California?

If the unlicensed massage therapist is your friend who is just giving you a massage, then no, not really. However, if you go to a massage therapist's business and they are unlicensed, then yes it is illegal. You need a license to ensure you're acceptable to the standards of being a massage therapist.

Can massage therapist get on the table?

It depends on the person giving the massage.

What position what a massage therapist work in at a hospital?

Massage Therapists typically do not work in hospitals. A massage therapist is the title of the job, and they often work in a massage parlor and are referred to patients by a doctor.

What is the difference between massage therapies and a massage therapist?

A massage therapist is a person who performs massage therapy. Massage therapies are different modalities, or types, of massage; such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Thai Yoga, Shiatsu, Reflexology, etc.

What the difference between a message therapist and a masseuse?

I think you mean massage therapist, not message therapist. To add the term therapist emphasizes the therapeutic aspects of massage. There is no difference except when governmental entities issue licences, within their jurisdiction they may establish criteria and label the professional as a Massage Therapist.

Name the important names of muscles of the body to be known by massage therapist?

As a massage therapist, you will know EVERY muscle on the body.

What are personal characteristics of an massage therapist?

i believe you need to be caring and nurturing an d gently and friendly and a conversationalist.

What services does a massage therapist provide that a chiropractor cannot?

A massage therapist is meant to relax the client, rather than diagnose the client's problems. From a massage therapist, the client gains comfort and peace and, potentially, a good conversation.

Massage therapist wages?

As of July 2014, the average annual pay for a massage therapist is $22,000. Mobile massage therapists can earn as much as $98,000 per year.

Can a massage therapist provide information about nutritional supplement during the massage?