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you have to power the remote wire, splice it into the power wire, it came with a factory amp. had the same problem.

2006-08-16 03:04:37
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You bought a after market radio and harness for a 91 Eddie Bauer explorer powers up but you get no sound why?

splice the blue amp wire on the harness to the power wire, your car came with a factory amp. that will give you sound.

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Which fuse powers the power windows on 99 Ford Explorer?

i need to know wwhere the fuse is at for the power windows on a 99 ford explorer

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What is a Jeep Grand Cherokee power seat wiring harness?

It is a wire loom that powers the buttons/switches for the power seat!

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Where is the radio antenna located on a 2006 Ford Fusion?

on the 2006 models of the ford fusion. the radio antenna is embedded in the back glass with the rear defrosters. It's important to know that when installing aftermarket radio you should connect pin 5 on the radio harness to a switched 12v source. If not done this will cause problems with radio reception! pin 5 is the antenna's booster power wire and was originally powered off of the stock radio but the aftermarket radios do no supply this power source. I reccommend using a relay and the remote antenna wire and 12v constant wires off the new radio harness to make this connection! this will allow the the remote wire to switch the relay on and off when the radio powers on, and connect the the tapped 12v constant wire to the antenna booster power! thats how i would do it!

What do you do if the theft system in a 1997 Grand Am will not allow you to start your car?

Is this an aftermarket type of system? If so, you should be able to pull the fuse that powers that module, and it will restore the ignition/starter function of your car.

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What fuse or relay powers the power doors and remote mirrors in a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee?

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How come the aftermarket radio in my98chrysler Concorde powers up any you can change the station but no sound?

must check your wiring, and is it amped meaning the speaker wires go through an amplifier before they reach the speakers themselves and does it work.

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