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How do you reduce ping in cs1.6 while playing online?

close all program before playing your cs,if the problem persist,restart your livebox

What to do when you get Dialga and Palkia?

you just keep playing or restart the game

How do you unlock a samsung 3.2 mega?

i have the same problem just have to restart it.

What is the problem with computer if it restart frequently?

It is very slow or something is wrong with it.

How can you replay levels on Spider-Man web of shadows?

You. can restart. the level you are playing by going to the pause menu and select restart

How do you restart a game of hocky after a goal is scored?

The puck should be brought back to center ice. A referee should drop the puck in a standard face off to restart the game.

How do you solve my mobile samsung GT-s3572 restart problem?

It is hard to know how to solve a restart problem for the Samsung GT-S3572 mobile phone without knowing exactly what the problem is. However, there are many YouTube videos that show various issues with the phone and solving problem techniques to help.

How do you solve computer restart problem?

it depends on your OS and how your OS got to that point !

What is the management decision problem facing Nike as it attempts to restart itself?


Runescape randomly freezes my computer within 20 mins of playing the mouse freezes to everything does even music and i have to restart can someone help?

It is not a RuneScape problem, maybe you have a virus or not enough memory.

Why most problem get resolved after restart?

Probably because the program causing the problem shuts down and then the system restarts normally.

Why does your league of legends have a bug splat error?

It means that there was a problem with your client and the game has crashed. If this happens to you the normal thing to do it just restart the game. If you can't restart the game you should go to the league of legends forums and ask about your problem.

What is 6 ways to check for sound problem on a CPU and what problem they may identifyu?

just restart the cpu is my domain

How to fix a froze computer screen?

If you are reading this, you shouldn't have a problem. But seriously, you generally have to restart it.

How do you unfreeze a netbook?

Restart! is the best solution! If problem persist go for a new window.

Frankenstein was brought to life by what?

High voltage shock -- much like what they use in the hospital to restart a stopped heart.

8600gt problem need help please i just brought 8600gt agp and try to install the drive whenever i install it in the middle of the installation it just goes blank then restart my computer go to?

Most probably you have selected the wrong drivers when installing.

How do you force restart a Nintendo 3DS?

If you want to restart the game while it is playing, press L+R+Start+Select If you want to restart the Nintendo 3DS itself, press the power button to turn it off and turn it back on again.

Can a cam shaft sensor problem cause a 2002 Chrysler Sebring to stall and not restart?


Why has the Sony computer screen turned pink?

restart your computer. that's the problem 90% of the time.

How do you restart the security codes when car won't start?

it is a gm that say it all i have the same problem

Problem in beating the mission 'Madd Dogg' in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

I had the same problem you have to restart the entire game

I'm playing Sonny on addicting games but Internet explorer keeps encountering a problem with flash shockwave object add on and have to restart internet explorer so how do you fix the problem?

I have played this game and I find downloading Mozilla Firefox and playing it on it has very minor to no problems at all. Try it. I have played this game and I find downloading Mozilla Firefox and playing it on it has very minor to no problems at all. Try it. Solution: 1: Create restore point. 2: Download and install flash player. and play game. 3: If face still problem and then reset internet explorer and register all .dll files. 4: Enable flash player add-on. 5: Restart the computer. and check it.

Why would a PC restart whenever you type any commands in the run option?

I had such a problem , which was lasting as a virus that will restart when ever an .exe file runs so i cleaned it using an Anti virus

Check gauges lite stays on 97 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

i have the same problem, when i turn off the ignition and restart some times the problem is fixed