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You can't hook up the recharge line to your ac is there an adaptor?

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First, early Luminas used R-12 and later R-134a. Your term "recharge line" means you don't understand air conditioning systems. This means you may be subjecting yourself to danger and the car to damage. R-12m charges through a 1/4" flare fitting on the low pressure side. The R-134a connection is totally different. They made it that way so people like you couldn't use the wrong equipment and the wrong refrigerant in the car. If you accidentally hook the "recharge line" to the high pressure side of an operating air conditioning system, you could explode the can of refrigerant. It's very cold, and aside from the mechanical trauma of metal flying through the air, if you got liquid refrigerant on your eye, that flesh would be frozen instantly and your eyesight probably be seriously damaged. Please read a technical book, available at auto parts stores or articles online to get an understanding of the automotive air conditioning system, how it works, and how to service it. Forget about an adapter. You are trying to put a square peg into a round hole, and this was designed for safety, for people like you. Sorry to be so harsh, but you need the facts BEFORE you cause problems.


2011-11-12 03:27:00
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