You cannot get the axle nut loose from the front rotor hub assembly 1993 accord you dont want to cause any damage and force it off it does loosen the same as any other nut?

Soak nut assembly with Coke (yes coca cola) for at least 1/2hr. This will clean most of the dirt and sizes> Have the rest of Coke while waiting. Clean as much as possible. Soak with diesel fuel (kerosene) mixed with motor oil (3:1)for couple of hours or leave soaked overnight. From time to time hammer the nut using brass or aluminum to protect the nut from damage. After this the nut should go. Carefully the nut can be heated with propane torch or paint strip heat gun. Avoid heating over 60 Deg C. Overheating may cause the bearing grease to melt in liquid. 60 Deg C is approx the temperature on which man can not touch for more than a second.