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cable isn't working or the tab/latch on the fuel cap door is binding. Have one person releasing the door while at the same time another person gently prying the door open. Then see what is going on inside with the mechanisms.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-11 09:32:44
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Q: You cant open gas tank door on your 1998 passat what can be the problem?
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Cannot open car door from in or out vw passat 98 reg?

how i can open back door passat 1998

Rear doors will not open on my 1998 passat?

The rear doors on a 1998 Passat will not open if the lock is engaged, the child proof switch has been flipped, or the door release is broken. Repairing this problem begins by narrowing down the root cause.

How do you open the fuel door for a 1997 vw passat?

I had the same problem with my '96 Passat when i got it. All i had to do was to put my key in the driver side door and wait until all the doors were unlocked. That unlocked my fuel door as well. you.

Where is the open door sensor for driver's door on a 1999 Passat?

the microswitch that operates as a sensor is apereantly inside the lock mechanism in the door:

How do you remove Passat door panel?

how do you fix a window on pass side of a vw passat 2002

Is there a door ajar switch on the 2001 VW Passat?

Yes. It is in the door latch.

How do you remove door panel on 2000 passat?


HELP I cant open the driver side door on your 1999 passat from the inside or the outside.?

The site below shows a detailed series of photos. You will not be impressed when you dismantle the door. The lock mechanism is, sadly, only one example of the poor engineering which VW now seems to specialise in. http:/ Hope that this helps.

How do you remove rear door handle on 2012 passat?

The rear door handle, on a 2012 Volkswagen Passat, can be removed by first removing the decorative cover. Remove the retaining screws and the linkage.

How do you locate a rainwater leak in the interior of a 2002 model Volkswagen Passat?

I had a similar problem with my Passat. The back seat floorboard was soaked. Found out that the seal on the Moon Roof was not functioning properly and the water leaked down through the door on the floorboard. Volkswagen fixed it immediately. They told me it was a common problem. Good luck.

How do you get a door open if you cant do it from the inside or outside on a 1998 ford ranger?

You would need to pry the door panel off and then play with the door lock and handle rods from the inside.

How do you troubleshoot door locks on a 1998 Honda CR-V?

What kind of problem are you having?

Why won't fuel door close on my 1998 deville?

I'm having the same problem...

You just purchased a 1998 Passat it came with no manual you cant get the trunk to lock is there a secret you should know about?

The trunk automatically locks when the central locking is activated. Do you mean that the trunk remains unlocked even when the car doors are locked? The lock systems on these cars are not good either in terms of logic or manufacture. You may find this link, which details the repair to a door lock, helpful.

When was the Passat Wagon first introduced?

The original Passat Wagon was first introduced in 1973. The body types offered were two and four door sedans and similar looking three and five door versions.

What to keys cant open cant door?

Open the keys with the door.

How do you do replace door sensor switch on VW Passat?

Because he is samir

Where are the relays on VW Passat?

in my passat they're inside the dash. open the drivers side door. on the left side of the dash (the part that actually touches the drivers side door when the door is shut) there is a panel that is removable. take that off. behind the fuses you will see the relays.

Where is the fuse box in a 1998 Explorer?

when you open the door to get in and drive, it is on the end of the dash, you cant really see it unless you are looking

What is the standard tire size for 1995 VW Passat GLX VR6?

look on the door jam of your vehicle or on the door itself

How to open VW Passat when battery is flat?

Use your key to unlock the door.

How do you adjust a front door on a 2001 passat?

To adjust a front door on a 2001 Passat so that it will close properly is going to require moving the locking pin a little. The locking mechanism in the door jamb can be adjusted to make the door open easier or stay shut. If the lock sticks it can be lubricated with Liquid Wrench or WD-40.

How do you get a free diagram of the door latching system in the drivers door of a 1998 Hyundai Accent?

If you have had any luck since you posted would you please help me with same problem

How do you unlock the rear hatch door of a 1998 Suzuki Esteem wagon when the latck is stuck closed?

I have the same problem and am just going to try to open up the door

Why does remote only unlock drivers door on passat?

Ok the issue you have is that the comfort module lost its programming that why it only opens the drivers door with the remote to reprogram this feature you will need a vw specific scan tool to change the coding in the value blocks you will need to find a vw service shop to be able to do this for you . I hope this helps. ---Mine did this when the bat. went dead---Read more: Volkswagen Passat GL 2004 passat only drivers door will unlock - JustAnswer