You cant stop crying someone please give you direction?

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Get some counseling to find out why you are so eager to continue an abusive relationship. It is a mystery why so many women love men who abuse them. He uses you when he has no one else to use at the moment. You should realize he's doing the same thing to the other women in his life. He will never change. He has a chauvinistic attitude toward women and doesn't respect you.

Take charge of your own life and happiness. As long as you need an abusive partner to round out your life you will never become an independent, self-sufficient woman. Work on self-improvement until you become a woman who can select a partner who will add something good to your life, not misery and self loathing.

Choose someone who is fun to be with and who treats you with respect. Only you can demand it. You are the one who chooses how your partner will treat you by letting him know what he may not do. If he doesn't play by those rules then end the relationship. There are lots of good men out there.

For now. Take a break from romance. Get busy. Go out. Clean the cupboards. Do anything to get your mind off this drama. Stay single for a while until you can clear your head, turn it in the right direction and learn from your mistake.
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Can you stop babies from crying by giving them cough syrup?

No. I would not recommend that unless of course your baby has a cold and is in need of childrens medicine. Your baby is crying for a reason whether it be hunger, thirst, in need of a change, uncomfortable, teething, not feeling well, colic or in need of attention and scared. You must find out th ( Full Answer )

How do you stop someone from crying?

Well, it depends on who they are- if they are a family member, give them hug, tell them your there for them Friend- maybe just a hug- if your a girl, you know, destract her with stuff, I've no experience about my guy friends crying

Can someone please give e a Darkrai?

i will level 100 shiny moves shadow ball dark void dark pulse and judgement. special ability wonder guard. my id is 51427. do i hav to use gts or union room.

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You can get an invite to just about any torrent site here: . You can get an invite code for and some others such as iptorrent at They are really nice people there and they have a nice fun forum with an arcade, and a shoutbox for immedi ( Full Answer )

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Connect your iPod to the computer it was connected to the first time and try to restore it. If that doesn't work, go to My Computer on your computer, then select your ipod. Right click on your ipod icon and select format. Formating your ipod through your computer will erase everything, but it will e ( Full Answer )

I came inside my girl and didn't say anything please help im so scared i cant stop crying im only in highschool?

You might not have to worry, but in case she gets pregnant, don't forget she has a say in the matter too. Maybe she's as much against having a kid as you are. It's unfortunate but life happens. See what she feels like if you find out she is, but don't give up on the chance that you're in the clear. ( Full Answer )

Can someone give me some scary adjectives please?

Here are my list of really scary adjectives: . Haunted, sinister, horrifying, dark, dank, rank, terrifying, terrible, disgusting, eerie, ghoulish, macabre, nasty, ominous, spooky, alarming, apprehensive, chilling, fearful, frightening, frightful, ghostly, hairy. . Hope I helped.

Someone help please -Why is is unsafe to give water intravenously?

An isotonic solution such as saline must be administered intravenously to maintain a proper concentration gradient. Water is hypotonic in relation to red blood cells and will cause the water to flow into the cell bringing about hemolysis.. - S. Alam

What tips can you give someone to stop them from smoking?

the nicorette gum works pretty well or so I've heard, it also apparantly is useful to pick up a good habit like crochetting, or knitting. It focuses your mind on something else. Determination and perserverence.

Would someone give me an idea for a poem please?

Anything you like really! 1) Love - that's a favourite for any poet 2) War - another common thing 3) Religion - they're quite interesting to read 4) An emotion e.g. rage - pinpoint that emotion and maybe write about where it came from, why its present, who its directed at etc - I'm not insulting you ( Full Answer )

If you always have arguments with your family and you want it to stop but you cant stop what can you do please help?

me and my mom fight like hell broke loose ive just learned to say yes ma'm and yeah you can stop it, it may take some time but count to three if they are older than you say yes mam if they are younger just ignore them i hate not getting the last word in a conversation but did you know when you have ( Full Answer )

How do you make someone stop crying?

Tell them funny jokes, talk about funny moments in the past, just sit with them and calm them down by comforting them, don't say anything that will worry them. :) teenagers wont stop fully crying... they still cry inside... let them cry it out completely and hug and comfort them... not gingerly... ( Full Answer )

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I can't give you one, but you can earn one at the site mentioned in the related link This is where I get mine and its easy. just fill out a couple of surveys each month and then you in. have fun.

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Caitlin is okay, she is out of the hospital. She and Justin did break up though. they were not dating at that time. that rumour was not true. they dated a few years ago. before he landed a record deal. Who's Caitlin Beadles?? :P

Epressed cause you cant stop thinking about someone you love?

Depressed about someone you can't stop thinking about because you love them? It is perfectly normal to feel depressed when either the one you love does not love you back or they are no longer in your life. At some point you have to stop feeling depressed and move on, chances are they would probably ( Full Answer )

Can someone please give me the recipes for the Tasty Science kit?

If you have a Tasty Science kit which is missing information (perhaps the kit was given to you and is not intact) you will need to contact the manufacturer, Scientific Explorer, a division of Elmer's Products Inc. You can email Scientific Explorer here:

Could someone please give me a poem?

POEM #1: My sister is a meanie her brain is teenie She acts like she's 5 5 rhymes with beehive. POEM #2 I hate you You hate me Lets go and kill Barney With my brains and with your gun, We kill Barney oh what fun Poem #3 Get a life, buy a knife shoot your new ugly wife. Poem #4 WRITE YO ( Full Answer )

Can someone give me making web show advice please?

make sure you have a good,solid idea and some awesome people on board who are ready to do whatever it takes to help. Think the idea totally through before you attempt it,and get a feel for your characters to help you write.

Can someone give you a webkinz code please?

sorry,lots of people try to do it but it doesn't work that way unless a friend gave you a code and didn't use it then you could use the one your friend gave you

How can you thank someone for an invitation please give you example?

"Thanks for inviting me, it was very polite of you." Said Mary. Always thank someone for inviting you to do something. Here are some of the most common forms used to accept an invitation. Thank you very much. That would be nice. Certainly, I'd love to... Sure, that would be great! If you are ( Full Answer )

Could someone please help your dog passed away recently and he has been here almost all of your life and you cant get through the day without breaking down and crying can someone please give you some?

I too have recently had a similar crisis and understand what you are feeling. . here are some suggestions to get through it:. 1. during the first few days(1-3) it is okay to cry, alot! cry yourself to sleep even.. 2. talk to freinds and stay social. tell someone your feelings.. 3. stay active an ( Full Answer )

How do you stop crying about someone who has died?

Time. we never get over a loved person's death, however as time goes we learn to live with it. People die for many reasons, such as old age, long term illness and accidents but each death is "felt" differently by a person. If a loved one lives to be 90 or so, when they die of old age, their life ( Full Answer )

I Got Sprayed By A Skunk Please Give Me Some Directions On How To Get It Out?

To get rid of the skunk smell there are many home rememdies dontfreak out. First know that the skunks spray is like a oily foam,first put on some distilled vinegar that should help with the smellthen use some dish soap like dawn and that should get the oil offof you. Afterwards use regular shampoo o ( Full Answer )